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The Jerusalem Post

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This file photo shows right-wing politician Geert Wilders. AP photo

This file photo shows right-wing politician Geert Wilders. AP photo

The Netherlands' third largest political party urged the country's Foreign Affairs and Defense ministries last week to reconsider Turkey's NATO membership, the Jerusalem Post reported.
Head of the Dutch Party for Freedom, Geert Wilders, and the party's Middle East expert, MP Wim Kortenoeven, accused Turkey of abandoning its allies Israel and France, the report said. 
The Turkish government had implemented sanctions on France immediately after the French Parliament voted Dec. 22 in favor of a bill penalizing the denial of the events in 1915 as genocide.
France and Holland were regarded as being among the leading countries in the NATO military alliance by the Jerusalem Post. 
Kortenoeven reportedly told the Jerusalem Post that "Turkey had a short but disturbing history of abandoning its allies" and "it could be a lethal mistake to entrust them with the custody of a crucial element of new Western/European defence system against nuclear rogue states such as Iran and Pakistan."
The party's military spokesperson also posed questions to the ministries regarding Turkey's reliability as a NATO partner, the article said.
The article mentioned a statement by Radio Netherlands Worldwide in which it said that it was unlikely for Netherlands or Germany to follow the French example and pass resolutions against Turkey.
“Both countries have large Turkish communities. No one will be keen to offend them with a ban. But it would be good to put a bit more pressure on Turkey. It’s always good to take an honest look at your history,” Lariss van den Heri, professor of international law at Leiden University was quoted as saying.


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Notice on comments

Chris Green

12/26/2011 8:29:46 PM

I am very certain in my goals 'Red Tail', understood or otherwise, but you can be sure they are pro-Turkey.

Red Tail

12/26/2011 6:16:23 PM

Chris. I still do not see how your coment in any way is of interest or relevance for Turkeys role in Nato. But I guess relevance or interest was not your goal.......

dogan kemal ileri

12/26/2011 4:22:40 PM

After the French genocide bill I guess its time for more worms to crawl out of the woodwork.I am sure some of these political people are outside observers to the human race.

Chris Green

12/26/2011 4:13:25 PM

Red Tail, my comments were very deliberate; what I am flagging up is how inappropriate it is for Dutch politicians it is to attack Turkey when their own record in the region whatever organisation is involved, is highly questionable!

Red Tail

12/26/2011 4:05:31 PM

Chris. Did you even read the article? Because it deals with Turkeys role in Nato. And your comment is on Netherlands role in former Yugoslavia. Why not talk about the topic instead of everything else?

Dweller -

12/26/2011 2:56:19 PM

France a leading member says who? Let's not forget that France withdrew from the integrated military command in 1966 to pursue an independent defence system but returned to full membership only on April 4, 2009.

Chris Green

12/26/2011 1:27:06 PM

The Dutch of course will be remembered in infamy for facilitating the Srebrinica Massacre in July 1995 as they were the UN contingent present at the time. NATO would be committing lunacy to repeal Turkey's membership plus UK/USA will not allow it!

V Tiger

12/26/2011 12:54:08 PM

When will the time come for a brave PM to look honestly at its history,open the ATASE military archives & tell the world the truth about the Armenian Genocide committed by the triumvirate?
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