‘Nazım’s Forest’ released on App Store

‘Nazım’s Forest’ released on App Store

‘Nazım’s Forest’ released on App Store

With the contribution of the Sanatorium Art Gallery in Istanbul, multimedia artist Sinan Bökesoy’s project “Nazım’s Forest” has been released on the App Store with the title “NaziminOrmani.” 

The project, which is presented as a mobile application, will soon continue with augmented reality works to be installed in public spaces and an exhibition/performance on the project will be held at the Sanatorium. 

The iPhone app “NaziminOrmani” presents a virtual space for those who accept the great Turkish poet and writer Nazım Hikmet’s verses “To live like a tree alone and free, and like a forest in brotherhood” as a personal manifesto.

Participants will contribute to the app by recording these verses and pinning a tree in their location, which will soon become a collective forest. 

This audible sculpture in tree form creates its own ecology with the sounds of nature in the forest and soundtrack elements. The idea behind the application, which remains utopic in real life, will become a physical reality soon.

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