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Syrian jets hit the town of Ras al-Ayn, near Ceylanpınar, sending up plummets of black smoke. AA photo

Syrian jets hit the town of Ras al-Ayn, near Ceylanpınar, sending up plummets of black smoke. AA photo

NATO will defend alliance member Turkey, Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said yesterday, after Syrian warplanes tore along the Turkish frontier and bombed the rebel-held town of Ras al-Ayn just meters inside the Syrian border.

“NATO as an organization will do whatever it takes to protect and defend Turkey, our ally. We have all plans in place to make sure that we can protect and defend Turkey and hopefully that way also deter, so that attacks on Turkey will not take place,” Rasmussen said.

On the ground, activists said 16 Syrian people died in the air strikes on Ras al-Ayn while one Turkish soldier and two civilians were wounded. Helicopters also attacked targets near the town, which fell to rebels last week.

Diplomatic note

One of the jets struck within meters of the barbed-wire fence that divides Ras al-Ayn from the Turkish town of Ceylanpınar, sending up plumes of black smoke and shattering shop windows.

“The ambulances are transporting the wounded non-stop,” he said. “There is bomb damage everywhere.” Upon the increasing violence along the border, Turkish fighter jets conducted an operation near the Syrian border. F-16 jets armed with ammunition took off from the southeastern province of Diyarbakır with an urgent mission to patrol Turkey’s border with Syria, Doğan news agency reported.

Ankara also issued a diplomatic note to Damascus after the latest violence on the border. Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu said the Syrian jets did not violate Turkish air space but added that Turkey would respond if they did so.


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Notice on comments

Adam Polk

11/13/2012 11:33:51 PM

ilker avni, don't waste of your time Aryeh Rapaport's is hopeless case.

ilker avni

11/13/2012 10:31:26 PM

@Aryeh Rapaport I am little confused with your comments on one hand you support freedom for all,does that mean the same for Palenstinians?,and on the other hand you say Nato should not support Turkey,Assad should be left alone to carry on killing his people,killing muslims doesnt seem to matter to you Mr Rapaport.Where would the world be today if we sat back and did nothing, during the second world war,the Nazis would have wiped out the jews,and we would have lived under the Nazis.

Aryeh Rapaport

11/13/2012 1:40:55 PM

Ilker, Inshalla! Sid, Syria doesnt need to "Bother me" to stand up for GOD GIVEN RIGHTS, FREEDOMS every human deserves! Days of genocide, Holocaust are over; world wont, cant accept thousands of deaths day after day. The world must stand up, confront evil, support people who can take that land into better future of peace, security, freedom, equality, stability. If China was leading this world it would look differently but UNDER AMERICAS LEADERSHIP we should help moderate opposition, freedom!

Aryeh Rapaport

11/13/2012 12:47:59 PM

NATO should back Turkey but should not be forced into war which Turkey is promoting. Toppling Assad is great goal, eliminating killer, evil but who replaces him? Will they provide security, equality, freedom, stability, peace to all minorities, religions(good)? Or will they oppress the other, different, harm, steal, kill them, promote instability, war(evil)? NATO is committed to help Turkey if it is attacked but must calculate with Turkey any adventure against Assad will also be against Iran,

Sid Mark

11/13/2012 11:46:37 AM

Just stop helping jihadists and al quaeda and Syria will not bother you.

ilker avni

11/13/2012 8:08:45 AM

Turkey watches like a spectator at a football match,while bombes fall around inches around the borderline,,on the otherside woman children are blown to pieces,the world stands idle ,unable to stop these crimes comitited by a leader gone mad to hold on to power while the country turns to rubble.Is they no dought about his brave people who want to be rid of him know,all are united as one.The tide will change now,with better weapons Syrians them selfs can win back they country. Ishallag.

True Turk

11/13/2012 4:47:10 AM

With Erdogan's increasingly belligerent rhetoric and NATO's prodding, I can see my country entering a conflict which my nation neither wants nor needs. I had so much hope and pride initially with the Erdogan, Davutoglu leadership that promised us zero problem relationships with our neighbours. Now I am afraid, very afraid.
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