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The new law also regulates pet shops. After the amendment pet shops will no longer be allowed to sell “predacious animals,” with dogs and cats.

The new law also regulates pet shops. After the amendment pet shops will no longer be allowed to sell “predacious animals,” with dogs and cats.

The Turkish government is readying fundamental changes to an animal protection law, following a collaborative effort led by three ministries and animal rights organizations. According to the new draft, which is expected to be put on the cabinet’s agenda in the following weeks, those who rape, beat or kill animals will be charged with a two year prison term. The draft also prohibits the breeding and selling of pit bulls in Turkey and will eventually make it illegal to own the breed.

Three months after the amendment is put into place, all pit bull owners will have to turn over their dogs to animal shelters.

Inflicting physical or psychological torture on animals, starving them or forcing them to stay in places of extreme temperature also will be forbidden. Those who violate this law will be fined.

Drivers who hit stray animals on the street will be responsible for taking the injured animal to an animal hospital and will also be required to pay the animals medical expenses.

Only municipalities will be allowed to conduct the spaying and neutering of animals. This service will be coordinated by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock. Municipalities will have mobile services for spaying and neutering.

The law change will also limit the number of pets allowed to be kept in the house. Regulations will determine the limit and it will no longer be legal to keep dozens of cats and dogs in a house. The rights of animals have been protected in Turkey by law since 2004.


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Notice on comments

Rosemary Tramantano

9/15/2012 1:27:46 PM

When will this world get better? İ have rescued many pitbull and staffy breeds and can definitely say they can be one of the sweetest breeds when bred and raised properly. İ have adopted many abandoned dogs and can assure anyone that any breed can be vicious! People need to be educated and the ones that raise vicious dogs need to be punished!! Not the dogs!!! İ have also rehabilitated many aggressive dogs and most of them were pear biters due to lack of proper socialization and training!!

Brian Middleton

5/24/2012 8:43:16 AM

Good news. But what about laws to protect humans attacked by wild dogs? I have been attacked several times by two street dogs that follow a woman and her pet dog around Birlik, Ankara. I had to have tetanus and rabies injections after the first attack and had to buy a new coat after the second. To show how dangerous these dogs are the woman herself carries a laser gun. In the UK, an animal loving country, these dogs would be put down by law. Here my complaints have been met with deaf ears.
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