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MHP leader Bahçeli says there are
dangerous people around the PM. DHA photo

MHP leader Bahçeli says there are dangerous people around the PM. DHA photo

Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) leader Devlet Bahçeli has issued a remarkable warning to Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, saying the prime minister seemed to be dragged into a trap in which his life might also be put in danger.

“If some anonymous people are easily able to fly various and big flags and posters at a point which is very close to the platform where the prime minister is delivering his speech at the AKP’s [the ruling Justice and Development Party] outdoor meeting, then the situation is serious,” Bahçeli said, warning that in this case, “the possibility of setting a trap for the Prime Minister Erdoğan is very high.”

“That’s to say, if the anonymous people carrying posters, the hired flag carriers sneaked in right next to the prime minister by going beyond the security chamber, then red blooded conspirators will also be able to do it easily as well,” Bahçeli said, speaking at a parliamentary group meeting of his party.

The MHP leader noted that they would take legal action into the unfurling of the party’s flag at the Justice and Development Party (AKP) rally in Ankara over the weekend.

“It shouldn’t be disregarded that the people standing next to the prime minister, gathering around him and standing within arm’s length have been seeking opportunity with bad intentions,” Bahçeli said, without further elaborating.

“Are the ones, who are making a political tool out of the hanging of Menderes and the poisoning of Özal preparing a setup for Erdoğan step by step in order to have him shot?” he asked.


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Notice on comments

Geir Fugleberg

6/20/2013 2:24:23 AM

Cezer,-he is talking about something that quite a few people are talking about in private,but nobody before has talked abouth in public due to the fact that talking about what quite a few people are indeed talking abouth in privat is not considered very safe to talk abouth in public!!!!!!!

Dave Chapman

6/19/2013 2:04:14 PM

In a period of astonishing comments, almost on a daily basis, this one really is in a league of its own. Yet, despite its enormity, it has received very few comments, I wonder why? I'm with you GEIR FUGLEBERG. I'm keeping well out of this one!

young genius

6/19/2013 10:25:34 AM

That's because Erdoǧan doesn't even know what he's doing now that he's actually setting his own trap and even assassination if someone has plans to assassinate him. Erdoǧan is just playing with fire right now, fuelling the flames. he's causing his own demise. @Çılgın Kanarya you're right.

mara mcglothin

6/19/2013 6:27:34 AM

And here in lies the problem. The tit for tat has started again. Welcome to Turkey!

Çılgın Kanarya

6/19/2013 1:18:27 AM

I think I've deciphered what Bahçeli is trying to say :) Remember that he was furious about the MHP's traditional symbol - the 3 crescents - being displayed during Erdoǧan’s rally in Kazılçeşme? Well I presume that the AKP must have denied obtaining these particular flags, instead claiming that they were brought to the rally independently (ha ha), & so Bahçeli is pointing out that, on security grounds, people unknown to AKP officials couldn't possibly get so close to Erdoǧan to wave these flags.

h enderoğlu

6/18/2013 11:39:08 PM

bahçeli.... thank you for making RTE even more paranoid. ps. sneaking a red flag into a demonstration full of red flags should be easy... because it's harmless! why/how could anyone take legal actşon on that?

Geir Fugleberg

6/18/2013 10:08:13 PM

Wow,to say that this is remarkable is the understatement of the century,I say no more,-I live in this country!


6/18/2013 9:55:53 PM

So here comes the reactionary nationalist/reactionary Islamist confluence that will take down Turkish democracy?

Blue Dotterel

6/18/2013 9:39:35 PM

Özal was not poisoned as far as the forensic evidence suggests. Is Bahçeli now starting provocations as well as Erdogan?

cezer "çapulcu" skonore

6/18/2013 7:33:50 PM

What is he talking about?
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