MHP criticizes efforts over Halki seminary

MHP criticizes efforts over Halki seminary

ANKARA - Anatolia News Agency

The Greek Orthodox Patriarchy’s efforts toward the re-opening of the Halki Seminary were not a simple educational demand, claimed Semih Yalçın, deputy chairman of Nationalist Movement Party (MHP).

Yalçın defined the debate on the opening of Halki Seminary as the fruit of work conducted for years by the Patriarchy together with Greek Foundation.

“Even though it is thought that the Halki Seminary was closed in 1971 because it was contrary to the secular education system, the real reason [for the closer] was different. The Halki Seminary was closed according to the conjuncture of the time, when the reciprocity principle was remembered,” he said.

If Turkey allows the seminary to be re-opened the issue of the Greek Orthodox Church’s ecumenism will be brought up next, Yalçın said.