LOCAL >Man in Turkey’s Zonguldak places hoax bomb under wife’s car during divorce

ZONGULDAK – Doğan News Agency

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A man set up a hoax bomb under his wife’s car to “scare” her as the two were in the process of a divorce in the Black Sea province of Zonguldak’s Ereğli district.

The incident uncovered on July 18 as the woman named Yeliz Ö. was driving out of the Ereğli Iron and Steel Plant (Erdemir) premises, where she works. As Yeliz Ö.’s vehicle was about to go on the main road, people nearby noticed a bomb set up under her car. 

Yeliz Ö. then got out of the vehicle and after having seen what appeared to be a bomb, she moved away along with those around her. Extensive safety measures were then taken around the car.

Afterwards, bomb disposal specialists were dispatched to the scene by the district police department, who detonated the bomb set up. However, an initial examination showed the bomb was a hoax. Meanwhile, those who gathered around the scene, tried to record the police work on their mobile phones.

Yeliz Ö. then told the police she was in the process of a divorce with Sezai Ö., after which the officials appealed to the latter for his testimony. Sezai Ö., a worker in the same factor as his wife, confessed that he had set up the bomb to “scare” his wife. The husband was then detained.


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