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DHA Photo

DHA Photo

A 45-year-old man who allegedly attempted to rape an 11-year-old girl inside a car in the southern province of Adana on Aug. 14 has been arrested, daily Hürriyet reported today.

N.G., who had been kicked out of a bar for reportedly disturbing other customers, attempted to rape E.S., who was sleeping inside a car parked in front of the bar. The suspect was subsequently detained by police.

A customer, who had heard the girl’s cries, tried to prevent N.G. from conducting the sexual assault and rescued E.S. with the help of locals.

S.S., the 11-year-old girl’s mother, had come to the bar to collect money from a relative at around 3 a.m. on Aug. 14, when she left E.S. in the car sleeping, according to the newspaper.

A customer exiting the bar heard E.S. screaming and attempted to prevent N.G. from allegedly raping the girl. S.S. and locals arrived on the scene and attempted to lynch N.G.

The suspect was first treated for excessive alcohol consumption and then brought to court where he was arrested. The attempted rape was recorded by the bar’s surveillance camera before being uploaded online.


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Notice on comments

Agnes Smith

9/3/2013 8:21:04 PM

The mother must be tried for negligence. I have a feeling, nasty as it is she was selling her daughter for sex and it went pear shaped.

charles sant

9/3/2013 4:16:30 PM

Shame to see children so young out at the unholy hour of 3am some parents shouldn't be allowed to conceive

mistique holland

9/3/2013 3:52:30 PM

I saw it on the news last night. As far as I am concerned it should be wise to lock this person up and throw away the key but I also think that Mum deserves a punishment for taking an 11 year old child in the middle of the night, let her ALONE in the car without any supervision, while she herself enters a bar!!Couldn't she have contacted this person during daytime??I saw her and I must say, wasn't much special, but it was almost the child that had to pay for her stupidness.
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