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Make bangles out of old plastic bottles

It’s sad that I end up throwing away so many plastic bottles. I’ve noticed that there are an infinite number of tutorials with bottle recycling projects, but actually I don’t need a cake stand or a storm trooper kid’s helmet. Here’s an idea I’ve been planning to make for ages, and today I took some action.

You will need :

- An old plastic bottle. The circumference should exceed your wrist’s length.
- Scissors
- Some yarn or twine
- Some unused fabric (optional)
- A stapler.
- An Xacto or kitchen knife, or anything sharp that can cut through your bottle.

Step 1 :
Chop your bottle into slices. These will be the bases of your bracelets. I chose to cut them in different widths, but that’s completely up to you.

Step 2 :
Cut your slice from any side. Adjust the bracelet’s size according to your needs and staple the ends together. You may also choose to do this toward the end of Step 3.

Step 3 :
Tie a double knot with a length of yarn or twine and wrap your bracelet.

You can also cut some strips of fabric like I did and braid them together to create a thicker “yarn.” You may also choose to wrap these pieces with fabric without even braiding them.  Now you’re ready to rock your eco-friendly bangles with pride!

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