RIGHTS >Main opposition CHP files complaint over theologian’s statements ‘justifying violence’ against women in Ramadan


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Main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) vice chair and İzmir deputy Zeynep Altıok on June 7 filed a complaint against a TV show with the Supreme Board of Radio and Television (RTÜK) after a guest speaker said “women who are not fasting due to menstruation and eat on the street during Ramadan can get beaten,” state-run Anadolu Agency has reported.

In a written statement, the CHP’s press unit said the complaint was filed because the statements of Cevat Akşit, a professor of theology, “justified violence and discrimination.” 

Noting that violence against women was a form of violation of human rights, the statement said every kind of execution that praised crime, instigated violence, insulted women and encouraged people to feelings of grudge and hatred against women “violated international conventions.” 

On a show called “Sahur Time” (‘Sahur Vakti’), aired on private broadcaster TV 8, Akşit first said no one should eat outside during Ramadan. Then he continued on to say, “Those women menstruating also cannot eat anything on the street, just because they are not fasting. If they do, they can get beaten. They can get beaten for religious reasons. They should eat in private.”

The CHP said Akşit’s statements did not only violate RTÜK’s own rules, but also an article in the European Council’s agreement on the “prevention of violence against women including domestic violence and fight against them.”


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