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Hürriyet photo

Hürriyet photo

Macedonia is currently passing a bill to restrict broadcasts of Turkish TV series during the day and at prime time in order to reduce the Turkish impact on Macedonian society, daily Habertürk has reported.

"Our own programs have started being broadcast after midnight because of Turkish soap operas. On every channel I see a Turkish soap opera like 'Muhteşem Yüzyıl' [The Magnificent Century], 'Ezel,' or 'Binbir Gece' [A Thousand and One Nights]. They're all fascinating, but to stay under Turkish servitude for 500 years is enough," Information and Society Minister Ivo Ivanovski said.

Turkish series will gradually be removed and replaced by national programs, according to the new bill.


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Notice on comments

Ertan Selimoğlu

11/20/2012 1:57:54 PM

This secretary(Minister) must be greek stem. I voted for many times that Makedonia is not Helen . What a pity !!!!!

constantinos kio

11/17/2012 5:46:20 PM

an other losted friend ? damn here in greece are very popular also in imigrands from miror east who spoke turkish yet . seams that your slav friends are not so friends .

Mehmet Turk

11/15/2012 9:20:05 PM

Jealousy is a horrible trait especially coming from a minister. It's sad that through such actions its so apparent that the government of Macedonia is suffering from inferiority complex when they compare themselves with regional power Turkey. Centuries old hate issues against their former colonial masters will need to be addressed through intensive psychological counseling.

Kiro Velkovski

11/15/2012 8:40:48 PM

FAR FROM TRUTH... Minister of Information society and administration claimed to help Macedonian own TV production to replace foreign (turkish and all the rest) TV programming. No bans no laws. Check your stories before publishing.

Jon Goodfellow

11/15/2012 6:59:13 PM

Makes me reconsider the whole FYROM - Greece Macedonian controversy. Sounds as if they are indeed trying to create an artificial identity and would make me paranoid if a citizen there. Bosniak friends and I watch Turkish programming via international satellite and it is generally high quality. Maybe the FYROM TV industry just needs to modernize and produce a better product.

Brit in Turkey

11/15/2012 6:58:45 PM

This ban is a bit like the French attempt to impose tight rationing of British and American songs on pop radio stations in favour of French performers. I don't know, but guess that this did not succeed.

Brian Irlanda

11/15/2012 11:56:53 AM

What a childish decision. Turkish series are generally very well made and very entertaining. Has anyone every watched Macedonian TV?. I have and the quality of local programming is terrible. It is actually painful to watch. People watch Turkish programmes to have high quality entertainment. I feel so sorry for the TV audience if this goes ahead. But satellite sellers will be happy, unless that is banned too. This is an attitude of an uneducated villager, not a government minister.


11/15/2012 10:00:15 AM

How said that the people of Macedonia are going to be penalised by this silly ban Jealousy is a terrible thing, especially when its politcal. It's aactually embarrassing......

Chris Tahos

11/14/2012 9:22:19 PM

This is how they return the favour ,for Turkey being among first countries which recognized her by the name Macedonia, instead of FYROM. Unless we assume they are the first ones who woke up, and try to limit soft turkish influence.

Diren Sesel

11/14/2012 7:24:10 PM

This is racism... it will increase hatred against Turks, and loose the Turks in culturally and politically.
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