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ISTANBUL - Hürriyet Daily News

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Professor Canan Efendigil Karatay has contacted the Hürriyet Daily News to offer her commentary on the report. She particularly underlined that her diet would not even admit comparison with the Dukan Diet, which falls in to the category of “Yo-Yo Diets,” according to the professor. “The Dukan Diet facilitates easy weight loss and rapid weight gain after the diet,” Karatay says.

“My diet is not only about weight-loss. It is a guide to lead a healthy life. The Karatay Diet is not a protein-based diet. It offers a balanced consummation of proteins, carbohydrates and fat, apart from the fact that there are some among these that are harmful to human health. The Dukan Diet prohibits all fat consumption, but the Karatay Diet allows for healthy fat. Dukan permits artificial sugar consumption, which is strictly prohibited by the Karatay Diet. Dukan allows for processed meat consumption like delicatessens, which I advise my patients to stay away from for the rest of their lives.”

Professor Karatay also underlined that the Dukan Diet was harsh on legumes, banning them in the first stages due to the fact they are carbohydrates, whereas these constitute the most healthy food items in the Karatay Diet. While the Karatay Diet prohibits processed starch, it allows for traditional Bulgur dishes.

Bulgur is a cereal food made from several different wheat species, most often from durum. In Turkey, a distinction is made between fine-ground bulgur and a coarser grind bulgur, where bulgur is prepared like rice by using a coarser grinder.


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