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According to Dr. Canan Karatay, the reason behind uncontrolled weight gain is insulin resistance, which is a direct result of the constant circulation of leptin and insulin in the bloodstream. The constant circulation of these hormones is in turn due to frequent eating, which is advised by a majority of diets for weight loss.

“Every time we eat our blood sugar level rises, and this triggers the rise of insulin in the blood. As long as we have the habit of eating frequently, we will maintain high insulin levels. Insulin works to store excess blood sugar as triglycerides (fat), and a constant high level of insulin in the blood means constant storage of fat in the liver. Therefore, it is highly improbable that we will lose weight as long as we continue to eat frequently. This is the reason why those following a diet that recommends frequent eating quickly gain back the weight they lose after they quit the diet,” Karatay says in her book.

Karatay advises consuming low glycemic index (GI) foods at long intervals. The glycemic index is calculated according to the amount of carbohydrates a food contains. High carbohydrate foods push up insulin levels, while low carbohydrate foods do not. In short, a “low GI” food is a low-carbohydrate food. While high sugar levels in the blood cause the release of insulin, low blood-sugar levels cause the release of leptin. This hormone works to convert triglycerides into blood sugar to provide immediate fuel for the body, or in other words it helps to burn body fat. The Karatay diet recommends low-carbohydrate foods such as proteins to keep leptin levels high.


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