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Deputy Prime Minister BeşirAtalay’s press office said in a written statement that the minister had not used such an expression. DHA photo

Deputy Prime Minister BeşirAtalay’s press office said in a written statement that the minister had not used such an expression. DHA photo

Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Beşir Atalay has denied media reports that he blamed the Jewish diaspora for the Gezi unrest.

Atalay’s press office said in a written statement today that the minister had not used such an expression.

"In his speech [Deputy PM Atalay] has never intended, uttered or indicated anything to offend Jewish citizens of Turkey or Jewish communities around the world," the statement said.

“There are some circles that are jealous of Turkey’s growth. They are all uniting, on one side the Jewish diaspora,” Cihan News Agency quoted him in a video as saying on July 1 in the Central Anatolian province of Kırıkkale in an earlier report.

Before the statement from Atalay’s office, the Turkish Jewish community issued a press release on its website, saying they were trying to obtain more information about the remarks with regard to the details, meaning and content.

“We would like to express our concern that all Jews around the world, including Turkish Jews, may become the target because of this sort of generalization in almost every situation,” the statement read.

Atalay also reportedly repeated government claims that the international media had played a big role in “the conspiracy” and had led the unrest “well.” “The ones trying to block the way of Great Turkey will not succeed,” he said.

“There are some circles that are jealous of Turkey’s growth. They are all uniting, on one side the Jewish diaspora. You saw the foreign media’s attitude during the Gezi Park incidents; they bought it and started broadcasting immediately, without doing an evaluation of the [situation],” Atalay is heard in a video shooting also seen by the Daily News.

The Gezi protests started May 27, triggered by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality’s plan to remove a unique green area, Gezi Park, next to the iconic Taksim Square to build a replica of Ottoman artillery barracks and mall.

A sit-in by peaceful protesters turned into mass protests across the country with nearly 2 million people in 79 of the 81 Turkish cities attending, according to Interior Ministry estimates.

The heavy crackdown by the police with tear gas, water cannons and violent tools drew reaction from local citizens and the world. In total, four people – three protesters and a police officer – have been killed and more than 7,000 people injured, according to the Turkish Medical Association. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has repeatedly blamed an “interest rate lobby” and the world media for boosting the protests.


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Notice on comments

Brazilian Observer

7/10/2013 5:44:38 AM

I am Jew and I live in the diaspora. And I am proud to confirm that I have helped the Gezi unrest! God Bless The Turkish Youngs!

Richard Sol

7/10/2013 3:43:37 AM

Sad how conspiracy bigots like "Vanunu" come out of the woodwork for this. The violence on the Marmara was planned on by the Erdgan supported IHH for propaganda purposes. Dozens attacked a handful in close quarters with chairs, pipes, axes, etc knowing the handful would have to fire to save their lives. One Israeli got brain damage from being thrown off a higher deck onto a lower. Israel should NOT have apologized to the Erdogan government, and the great majority of Israelis agree.

john albay

7/10/2013 1:28:26 AM

This man is talking pure rubbish!you can blame the jews and zionist for many things but you can not blame them for the riots in Istanbul/gazi park!

The Banker

7/9/2013 5:49:33 AM

During the end of the 18th century, the Ottoman rulers fell into the grievous sin of borrowing money on usury, from Jewish bankers based in Europe, a practice condemned in the Quran itself. This lead to financial takeover of the Ottoman empire by these bankers when the Ottomans were unable to pay their debts. jewish bankers even approached the last Ottoman ruler Sultan Abdul Hamid with the offer to erase all his state debts in exchange for Palestine, an offer which was rejected.

The Banker

7/9/2013 5:36:40 AM

Joe Biden recently “praised” Jewish leaders for growing the Homosexual agenda due to their control of Hollywood and the Media.The American Federation of Teachers is run by Jews and the ADL has infiltrated the Public Schools, brainwashing young children with homosexual and race-mixing books.Murray Rothstein, Brian Roberts. The House Jacob Lew Treasury Secretary; Penny Pritzker Commerce Secretary; Kenneth Feinberg Pay Czar; Valerie Jarrett Senior Advisor; David Axelrod Special Advisor. etc etc

The Banker

7/9/2013 5:22:14 AM

Robert Maxwell was born Ján Ludvík Hyman Binyamin Hoch Yiddish-speaking Jewish family spied for Israel, Stole millions for Israel, Gordon Thomas and Martin Dillon, in 2002, British Publisher Robert Maxwell Was A Mossad Spy. Mordechai Vanunu also known as John Crossman - no human rights for this man. Prisioned for 18 yrs for telling the world about Israels Nuclear bomb program which they stole from the USA, Jeffrey Epstein, Jewish Billionaire Pedophile Child Trafficker

James Khan

7/4/2013 10:06:33 AM

What do you actually have to do to get fired from the AKP. I am sure if I had a meeting at work and started ranting on about the Jews and blaming them for the troubles the business was having, I would firstly be asked to go and see my doctor and secondly I would be fired.

Erdogan Erdogan

7/4/2013 7:39:55 AM

@Muret It is funy that you starte from the Mavi Marmara.Do you remember Davos..It is notrelated to the Marmara ,the Marmara is only an axcuse .Your Erdogan wants to be popolar in the Arab world on the account of Israel that all(even he did not maneged...)

Ed Frias Ed Frias

7/4/2013 6:26:09 AM

Hicks LONDON, the last time i checked Stalin was not Jewish. Leon Trotsky was killed by Stalin.

Tekir Feline

7/3/2013 8:27:54 PM

@Hicks, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion were a forgery done by Matvei Vasilyevich Golovinski for Okhrana, the secret service in Imperial Russia. Better read Umbetro Eco's "graveyard of prague". Conspiracies exists only in the head of dictators, like the late tsar, gaddafi or Erdogan. Maybe insane persons on the head of a government tend to overbearance.
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