TURKEY > Istanbul derby game suspended after supporters invade field


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A total of 76,127 ticketed spectators were present at the game, which descended into chaos after a pitch invasion. AA photo

A total of 76,127 ticketed spectators were present at the game, which descended into chaos after a pitch invasion. AA photo

Yesterday's Beşiktaş-Galatasaray derby was called off by referee Fırat Aydınus with two additional minutes remaining after supporters descended onto the field of Atatürk Olympic Stadium in Istanbul, forcing both teams to head for the dressing room. 

Aydınus then made the decision to suspend the match, Turkish Football Federation (TFF) vice chairman Lütfü Arıboğan told reporters.

A scuffle broke out between supporters and security personnel after Galatasaray’s midfielder, Felipe Melo, received a red card in the 92nd minute. Beşiktaş Coach Slaven Bilic was also sent off just before the incident escalated.

"We will do what is required by the police department, given that there varying aspects involved. We will try and determine if there was any pre-planning prior to the game,” Interior Minister Muammer Güler said, adding that the invasion was not foreseen.

“What’s necessary will be carried out regarding every single person that was detected by security cameras,” Güler said.
There were conflicting reports on the use of pepper spray after the match. Some reports, including daily Hürriyet's, said several security officers used pepper spray to disperse the supporters on the field. These were vehemently rejected in others. 

The Lions were leading 2-1 with a brace from their Ivorian star Didier Drogba. 

Beşiktaş’s in-form striker, Hugo Almeida, opened the score in the 18th minute, heading in at the back post a pinpoint cross from Serdar Kurtuluş. 

The match entered the history annals as the highest-attended top-flight game in Turkish football history. 

Attendance record

Beşiktaş shattered the previous highest attendance record of 70,125 in 2003, during a Galatasaray-Fenerbahçe derby at the same stadium, by attracing 76,127 ticketed spectators. 

In derby games, supporters of the visiting side are not allowed at the host stadium, due to new TFF regulations.

TFF vice chairman Ufuk Özerten said the federation would now examine both the referee's and observers' reports. “We have to learn that football is a game. When I came here and saw the crowd, I got goosebumps. Let’s turn football into a festival."

Beşiktaş's chairman, Fikret Orman, said he did not want to make an immediate comment, adding that the club would make an official statement following a board meeting tomorrow.


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Notice on comments

Ata Dizdar

9/24/2013 12:26:49 AM

There doesn't seem to be any way Carsi could be behind these scenes. My guess its that new 1453 Kartal group that showed up.

kevin cuckow

9/23/2013 10:20:58 PM

Carsi@s notoriety has gone to their heads. They truly believe they are the Government.

Köksüz Kosmopolit

9/23/2013 8:38:44 PM

The reports I've seen suggest that the riot was instigated by "1453 Kartal", the AKP's fake BJK "fan group".

Can Oz

9/23/2013 7:05:30 PM

Levent OfCeramorium - The Molotov cocktail throwing "protestors" during the initial Gezi protests were actually CIVILIAN undercover police. Turkiye has become that kind of a country. Yes, it is possible that Carsi was behind the pitch invasion. But it is equally possible that undercover police intentionally provoked the crowd as part of a broader operation to discredit Carsi. AKP government is responsible for creating such a polarized society filled with conspiracy theories.

Levent OfCeramorium

9/23/2013 2:28:27 PM

PS, Dogan Media Group^s Hurriyet by the way has dome what's suitable for them. "Police used teargas" in seconds after the incident. I guess when the editors CTRL+C "Police and teargas" when they switch on their computers in the morning. Well done!

Levent OfCeramorium

9/23/2013 2:25:30 PM

The funny part is, the ones who were mocking PM for conspiracies for two months has immediately trasnfomed into fierceful conspiracy theorists. For an incident that too place in front of our very eyes. And taking into account that the avarage IQ of the stands are around 5 (enhanced with alcohol), why are people surprised I wonder. During Gezi Çarşı's pro-violence stand was justfied and theri backs patted. (Remember the attempt to occupy PMS office at Dolmabahce). What did you expect?

Agnes Smith

9/23/2013 12:50:57 PM

Daniel Karr - How you feel sorry for the police is beyond logic. Is it really in your eyes normal to kill and blind people. Had they reacted civilly to the first outbreaks it wouldn't be like this today. And lets not forget they have been given bonuses and have immunity in the courts to do as they please. They have a job to do which is to maintain law and order and protect - they have failed to do this. All countries have football hooligans and they are managed accordingly.

Recep Ozel

9/23/2013 11:33:45 AM

It was shocking that Digiturk used background noise from another football match instead of broadcasting the deafening Gezi protest chants from across the stadium..

Dr. Prof. Novnesense

9/23/2013 11:19:20 AM

The key here is too actually find out which group was responsible, was it carsi or this new group that go by the names of 1453? Once this information is establish we can understand last nights incidents a lot better. I personally know where my money going but I'm sure that the wrong group will be blamed to serve certain interests.

Michael Johnson

9/23/2013 10:45:25 AM

I'm still waiting on a definitive answer as to whether this game is final or not. Why can't someone from the TFF do just that?
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