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Israeli President Shimon Peres. AFP photo

Israeli President Shimon Peres. AFP photo

Israeli President Shimon Peres starts a three-day visit to Athens Monday on cooperation talks with Greece officials over matters of energy and defense.
In what is the fifth visit by a top Israeli official to Greece in two years, Peres is expected to hold talks Monday with both his Greek counterpart Carolos Papoulias and Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, their offices said.
Peres said Saturday Israel would like to nurture the best possible ties with Greece, adding that the two countries have much in common.
"Greece is a friend" and "we face the same problems" he said during the Saturday interview with Greek Mega Channel television.
"There is nothing controversial between us," he added.
Asked about plans to construct a new pipeline that would connect Israel with Cyprus, Greece and Europe, Peres said it was an economic and geographical must and that the country needed to better use their oil and gas reserves.
He also addressed the matter in an interview with Greek newspaper To Vima published Sunday.
He said the idea of delivering Israeli gas to Europe via Greece "has already been studied and could lead to positive results." In June, the Jewish state wished good luck to Greek's new coalition government headed by Samaras, but also voiced concern over the rise of the neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn, which won its first seats in parliament in May.
And Israel and Greece signed an accord in March to lay an underwater electricity cable between the Mediterranean nations, the first stage in a bid to transfer power between the Jewish state and mainland Europe.
The sides hope to see the so-called "Euro-Asia Interconnect" project completed by 2016, with the cable to stretch over the 287 kilometres (178 miles) between Israel and Cyprus.


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Notice on comments


8/8/2012 6:32:18 AM

Danny B Danny well at least you have the freedom to express your thoughts on Turkish news papers. Yes Not all Muslims are terrorists but all terrorist committed crimes I agree with that - but then you must look at the cause behind that rather than blaming Turkey & the AKP Government. Turkey has respected & enjoyed a long term friend ship with Israel, but you kill Turkish citizens’ in open INT waters and have no mercy, then you blame turkish gov. Thats not right, you cannot be right in everything

Chris Tahos

8/6/2012 6:41:18 PM

The Greek-Israeli approach is the result of AKP policy to deteriorate relation with Israel.This directive was clearly described in mr Davutoglu's book about strategic depth.So from the moment he became Turkey's foreign minister it was next that this policy would be chosen.The Davos incident, and the ill-fated Mavi Marmara campaign, were actions taken on this particular path.The Israelis had no reason to turn to Greece, if Turkey was still behaving in a polite way to them.

Ioannis F.

8/6/2012 3:39:33 PM

The new "corridor" (energy, maritime, military etc) of the east Med is being realised gradually... with the blessing of US of course. Things (meaning US interests) in Cyprus wil also change. Do you here that, Kisinger?

Danny B Danny

8/6/2012 2:24:22 PM

Hakan Ozkan: I hope you really believe the fairy tails you are telling us. Israel committed war crimes against Palestinians while the Israeli blowing up buses and restaurants is act of love from Muslims toward Jews. Well dear Hakan, Not all Muslims are terrorists but all terrorist committed crimes against Israeli and Jewish women and children were Muslim. The Muslims all over the world killing each other with greater success than the Israeli did. look around you and face the facts.


8/6/2012 4:55:06 AM

So again Israelis deflects the true war crimes and Muslim extermination they are committing against the Palestians by accusing the Turkish Government wanting peace for the Palestinians- This show Israel’s true nature and true face when things don't go their way, they are ready to jump into bed with Greece, good luck to them. Killing & bombing Children and thousands of Palestinians - These are the facts - the real war criminals no different from Nazis.

Falk Bernard

8/6/2012 4:18:06 AM

Ellison/Bind: Why complaining? Hamas is an Israeli asset, so the Turks are tumbled in your schemes.

david ellison

8/5/2012 8:20:08 PM

Greece and Israel. A far better relationship to foster than wasting time with this Turkish administration. They have chosen Hamas and the like, so best of luck to a waining Turkish sense of reliability and growth

rich bind

8/5/2012 7:11:27 PM

Turkey would have been the number one choice to develope joint energy projects with, but Turkey values its pan-Arabic ties more than a working relationship with Israel. Given the Turkish stance regarding the Kurds in foreign countries and Turkeys "right" to deny them by force, political power even in Syria, its two faced to deny Israel the same latitude regarding Hamas.
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