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Israel’s national security advisor Amidror defends PM Netanyahu’s policies. AFP photo

Israel’s national security advisor Amidror defends PM Netanyahu’s policies. AFP photo

Israel’s national security adviser told a group of Israeli ambassadors and diplomats Dec. 31 that if they did not agree with the policies of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, they should either “quit or go into politics,” according to daily Haaretz.

Israel’s envoy to the United Nations, Ron Prosor, asked why the government had announced its plans to advance construction projects a day after Palestine was granted non-member observer state status. A number of diplomats applauded Prosor after his comment, the daily reported.

‘Losses from UN process’

Ya’akov Amidror, speaking during a lecture at the Foreign Ministry’s annual conference, said angrily that in the British or American foreign ministries, nobody would applaud a question that hinted at criticism of those governments’ diplomacies.

Amidror added that the decision for new settlement projects had been made to clarify to the Palestinians that there were losses to be had from the U.N. process. The Foreign Ministry’s deputy director general, Ran Curiel, tried to calm the room down, telling Amidror that the applause was not directed against the government but rather expressed the diplomats’ frustration at having no way to explain the decision on behalf of Israel. Amidror responded furiously.

“Whoever dislikes the government’s policies can quit or go into politics. I am a clerk, and you are clerks, and we represent the government. Our job is to advise, and in the end, the leaders make the decisions.”


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Ken Alden

1/3/2013 4:27:04 AM

This has been a most enlightening briefing that clarifys PM Nathanyahu's Administration, it reveals reality of Israeli "Democracy" as "My way or Highway" Regime at large. Another revealation is the deception of Planned Landgrab for Settlements. Despite the lull, as consecion to protesting World Nations, it was business as usal in the back Offices. Nathanyahu than tryed comoflage it as an indignation at the U.N. for meddling into Israli National Affairs! Is there someone in Israel to talk to?

Sev Cihan

1/2/2013 4:26:47 PM

netanyahu will lose! the israelis are not dumb and see that he is a warmonger! noone wants war in the middle east, only the extremist! like hamas and netanyahu!

Basil Keilani

1/2/2013 12:31:08 PM

Well, it shows that many diplomats see that the world community and many nations and many Jews in America and Jews in other countries feel uncomfortable with meshuguna (crazy) behavior by the state. They ask for so much, and they give bupkis (nothing) to international order and law.

ilker avni

1/2/2013 3:41:08 AM

Many Israeli diplomats have resigned over the years of Netanhayu,s reign in goverment,many complained that they cannot justify their goverments actions,or find it harder and harder.The best thing for Israeli citizens is to vote out this immoral goverment of messrs Netanhayu and Liberman the gangster.
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