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An Israeli policeman checks the bag of a Palestinian woman as Muslim worshipers are headed to al-Aqsa Mosque from Ramallah where a key meeting is canceled. AFP photo

An Israeli policeman checks the bag of a Palestinian woman as Muslim worshipers are headed to al-Aqsa Mosque from Ramallah where a key meeting is canceled. AFP photo

A meeting of Non-Aligned Movement ministers that was set to be held yesterday in the West Bank was
canceled after Israel denied entry to five delegates, officials said. The ministers were to have attended a two-day meeting of the movement’s Palestine Committee in Ramallah at which they were poised to declare their support of a fresh Palestinian bid for upgraded U.N. membership.

The cancellation came shortly after Israel barred ministers from Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Cuba and Algeria from travelling to Ramallah. A senior Israeli official said the ban targeted five countries that have no diplomatic relations with the country.

“A decision has been taken to bar the diplomatic representatives of several countries which do not recognize Israel from crossing the Israeli borders,” a senior Palestinian official told Agence France-Presse on condition of anonymity.

Foreign ministers from the 13 countries belonging to NAM’s Palestine Committee were to have signed the so-called “Ramallah Declaration” in support of a Palestinian bid to upgrade their U.N. status from observer to non-member state.

Speaking to reporters in Ramallah on Aug. 4, Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Malki said the statement was “a political declaration that endorses and supports the Palestinian people’s right to have state, condemns settlements and supports the Palestinian bid to obtain non-member status at the U.N.” The request will be put to the U.N. General Assembly on Sept. 27, he said in a move which comes exactly a year after Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas tried to obtain full member status. The Palestine Committee comprises ministers from Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Cuba, Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Senegal, Colombia and India. In response to Palestine’s bid, Israel’s U.N. envoy said they would find majority support there but would not bring them closer to statehood and peace with Israel, Reuters reported.

Ron Prosor said the Palestinians have a “guaranteed majority” in the 193-member General Assembly, enough to bestow non-member observer status, which the envoy predicted would be used “to hurt us [Israel]” in various international forums.


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Notice on comments

Danny B Danny

8/7/2012 5:50:17 AM

Roger Harding: There are people trying to hide their hate to Israel but there are some who doesn't , they do it by the comparison between the Nazi crimes to Israel. Well, was looking around to find the Israeli gas chambers prepared for the poor Palestinian victims, the starved prisoners, the soap made of Palestinian fat, the golden teeth, and the chimneys, well Israeli are masters in crime hiding of course. Just wonder what would have happen to the Jewish minority of Palestine if lost in 1948 ?

Roger Harding

8/6/2012 11:08:52 PM

A brazen violation of rights of the impoverished, imprisoned and defenceless Palestinian people. Not to mention an arrogant humiliation of representatives of important nations such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Cuba and Algeria. I never thought I would say this. I see parallels between behaviour of the Hitler's Nazi regime and Israel.


8/6/2012 10:31:32 PM

Oh please have a little respect for our intelligence. What is he looking for in that little handbag? A missile, IED, AK-47, or chemical weapons? Protect YOUR borders, but first DRAW those borders....

Rimon Tree

8/6/2012 9:52:34 PM

@ Tekion, excuse me, but you obviously do not know what you are talking about, so its vain to argue with you! Regards!

Tekion Particle

8/6/2012 7:59:55 PM

I am afraid Israelis are squatters, the land belong to the Palestinians. Coming back to claim the land after 2000 years is laughable, it is preposterous .. I wander if the Turks can go and claim half of Mongolia after all that's where they originated from. Israel is doing to the Palestinians what Hitler did to the Jews, except Israel do it publicly but systematically.

carlos valds

8/6/2012 7:34:13 PM

Murat wrote this,"This sums up all that is wrong with the Israeli apertehid regime. The question is why is the world NOT reacting to what Israel does to Palestinians the way it reacts to what goes in Syria? Why is that soldier rifiling through the belongins of this pretty girl? Shameful. " I have to agree with him. Why is the rest of world ignoring israels crimes?

stella maris

8/6/2012 7:04:01 PM

I find it very strange that there is not one single line about the heavy Gaza Islamist terror attack in Egypt, killing 16 Egyptian soldiers and the following closing of Rafah crossing by the outraged Egyptians! Would that be too much an embarressment for the esteemed PM, who supports the Gaza terrorism?

ealsho@eartlink.net tango73

8/6/2012 6:09:27 PM

Turkish gov. blocked the news on Hamas attack on Egypt that killed 16 soldiers.

Danny B Danny

8/6/2012 5:48:28 PM

Murat, you feel so sorry for the children of mother Teresa, and got just today the answer why we are so strict in the security matters. Even the best friends of the Hamas and Islamic Jihad groups - the Egyptian faced what does it mean to grow up a scorpion. it cost them with lives of 20 soldiers, Israel would never dare doing it against its neighbor country although all weapons to Gaza entered from Egypt, most of the attacks against Israel came from Egyptian side. We remain quiet .


8/6/2012 4:26:07 PM

Murat, that soldier is doing what he is supposed to be doing. Protecting Israel's people from terrorism. A tacit answer to your rather naive question. Regards
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