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Hürriyet photo

Hürriyet photo

Islamic scholar Fethullah Gülen has called on Muslim communities worldwide to pray against misfortunes and troubles, especially in Turkey, according to Herkül.org, a website close to the movement.
Gülen said people would be praying for the "safety and good fortune" of Turkey and of the world.
The Turkish religious leader, who lives in self-imposed exile in Pennsylvania, called on all his followers to pray for an end to polarization in Turkey and recent fighting between militants and the military that has left scores dead.
"If my voice could reach [far enough], if my fame could suffice – I would ask all those who will be addressing followers from mosques in Turkey to pray as if you are praying for rain to overcome these troubles," Gülen was quoted as saying.
"We have many negative things coming up from left and right," Gülen said. "One-hundred people dead crush 1,000 households if each of the dead have touched 10 families in their lifetimes. You should not underestimate that. You should never normalize that. Even if it happens everyday, you should treat it as an important event."


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Notice on comments

Sahin Yavuzturk

9/22/2012 5:34:07 PM

It would be nice if we can see what is in front of eyes.If you are a muslim, you believe Allah does everything for a reason. There are two methods of requesting something from Allah.One is doing the actual work as it seems and the second one is praying. If Allah is with us, we don't need anyone else. There are many politics going on but we should find what we are doing and correct it. And of course, pray and pray... Because Allah is the creator and owner of everything. If Allah wants, it happens

mara mcglothin

9/21/2012 5:42:42 PM

ILKER Do not worry! America will never leave Turkey. YOu are stuck with us!

ilker avni

9/20/2012 11:51:34 PM

@ Ismail Hijazi Well said,Iranian troops are fighting alongside Assad troops,America says Iranian military hardware are coming into Syria via commercial planes,Iran is building military bases in Syria,Iran is supplying missile defence equipment.Turkey is faceing three foes Iran,Syria and Iraq not to mention Hezbollah in Lebanon.Turkey chose a side and it picked the west,but the west seems to have abandoned Turkey on her own.Not the first time in history,Turkey is left to fend for its self.

mara mcglothin

9/20/2012 9:56:18 PM

I' agree with you TURK OZ. He has his own paper that give him plenty of face time and portrays him like the second coming of St Nicolas. No need to ever hear from here.

Recep Ozel

9/20/2012 6:51:55 PM

@turk oz You forget that he actually directly, or indirectly through his institution, owns a number of newspapers and TV channels in Turkey!

Ismail Hijazi

9/20/2012 6:44:24 PM

Cursed Iran is behind all the troubles of the Turkish nation. Iran is steering all kinds of evil in Turkey, as it is doing for the whole middle east and the Sunni world. There is saying of the Prophet Mohammed that all kinds of evil will come to Muslims from the east, and he pointed towards Iran. History has repeatedly shown this to be true. May Allah deliver Muslims from Iran's wicked deeds. Amen.

Red Tail

9/20/2012 6:40:20 PM

Why is this news? Why would this be of interest for anyone?

turk oz

9/20/2012 5:40:11 PM

It would be nice if Hoca stops interfering with the politics of Turkey. He has some high officials in the palm of his hand. There was a very good reason for escape from Turkey. Also I'd like all the newspapers to stop giving him a corner.
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