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Majid Majidi has finished the shooting of the film featuring Islam. AA photo

Majid Majidi has finished the shooting of the film featuring Islam. AA photo

Iranian film director Majid Majidi, who attended a workshop in Istanbul over the weekend, said the Islamic world had neglected the cinema and television sector. “While there are 250 films on Jesus Christ, 120 films on Moses, 80 about the other prophets and 40 films on Buddha, there is only ‘The Message’ on the life of Prophet Muhammad. Unfortunately, we fail to introduce our Prophet to the Western world. In this case enemies will remain enemies.”

Majidi said the film “The Message” mostly focused on the wars of Prophet Muhammad and it was not enough to spread the soul of Islam, “because of Islamophobia that is increasing in the West in recent years and some incidents; I feel responsible myself as a filmmaker. There is a big gap in the representation of Islam in the world. This gap should be filled.”

Majidi, who is working on a film on Islam, said he was very happy about it. “Prophet Muhammad is a pathfinder for us and an opportunity in cinema. We have done a very good job with this film. In Iran, we have established big sets depicting Mecca and Medina and acted by taking into account the views of experts. The image of our Prophet will never be shown in the film. His miracles will be highlighted.”


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