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I am not sure if Hamas is unhappy or happy with Israel’s use of “disproportional force” each time the jihadists escalate indiscriminate rocket attacks against Jewish targets. I am not sure if we poor souls can ever understand the jihadists when they say “they love death more than we love life.”

Hamas’ rhetoric stinks of death, nothing but death – indiscriminate death. Be it “our” death or “the enemy’s.” And it never metamorphoses into something more humane, something less nihilist. Most recently, in an interview with Today’s Zaman, Gaza’s Hamas prime minister, Ismail Haniyeh, confidently spoke of “defending and liberating Jerusalem,” and “fighting the enemy forever.” According to Mr. Haniyeh, the nearly 200 dead Palestinians – including Palestinian children killed by errand Hamas rockets – proved Hamas’ “prowess.” He called the eight-day fighting a “victory.”

In the same interview, the prime minister pledged to prepare “bodies and army” for the next attack on Israel and to keep their strategy “always based on armed struggle.” Mr. Haniyeh defines the Palestinian borders as “from Palestine as we know it [Gaza, West bank and Jerusalem] to Rafah and from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River.”

Mr. Haniyeh claims that “with every [Israeli] attack we grow stronger.” Since “Muslims don’t cheat or lie,” one cannot help but wonder if the Israeli Defense Forces are secretly conspiring for Hamas’ jihad. If what Mr. Haniyeh says is true, why do the willing subscribers of the Palestinian cause across the world, including Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, complain of Israel’s retaliatory attacks on Hamas targets? They should instead welcome every attack, thinking every attack will strengthen Hamas. Is that too cruel to say? Ask Mr. Haniyeh.
But Hamas can be amusing too. Its charter is must-read fun. My favorite section is the one which states: “The Day of Judgment will not come until Muslims fight the Jews, when the Jew will hide behind stones and trees. The stones and trees will say, ‘O Muslims, O Abdullah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him.’”

Other pearls of humanity include holding Jews responsible for a wide range of events and disasters going as far back in history as the French Revolution. The Hamas covenant also provides justification for fighting and killing Jews, without distinction of “whether they are in Israel or elsewhere.”

Meanwhile, Wikipedia’s section on Hamas contains these headings, among others: Military wing, Islamization efforts, antisemitism and anti-Zionism, statements on the Holocaust (another fun read), children as human shields, children as combatants, human rights abuses, rocket attacks on Israel, attempts to derail 2010 peace talks, themes of martyrdom, guerilla warfare and other targets. Another heading reads: Tayyip Erdoğan’s Turkey as a role model. We are honored!

And the U.N.-sponsored probe into the previous war, the Goldstone Report, accused Israel of war crimes and other offenses, but it also found that:

1- They (Hamas’s activities) constitute a deliberate attack against the civilian population. These actions would constitute war crimes and may amount to crimes against humanity. … The rocket and mortar attacks launched by armed Palestinian groups have caused terror.

2- Hamas continues to view all armed activity directed against Israel as … a legitimate right of the Palestinian people.

3- The security services under the control of the Gaza authorities carried out extrajudicial executions, arbitrary arrests, detentions and ill treatment of people.

The latest war is over. Hamas is happy because the war gave Hamas what it says it loves more than we love life. And I tend to blame the whole bloodshed on stupid trees and rocks in the holy lands. They still refuse to call out to Muslims or Abdullah and betray the last Jew hiding behind them – the last Jew to be killed.


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12/6/2012 9:40:32 AM

@ Johanna: And who is plundering the Middle East today? Israelis and the American regime! I say it's to time to drive them back. @ TurkDownUnder: If there is no occupation and the blockade is to stop 'suicide bombers' then was the Mavi Marmara a floating suicide bomber? Were the unarmed Turkish citizens on board suicide bombers? Oh what? They were armed? With an iron bar? Yeah, seems fair if your coming at me with a machine gun! And 1200 rockets? Seems like you counting, yet, where's the proof?

oldschooltwentysix oldschooltwentysix

12/6/2012 6:37:21 AM

For the record, Goldstone recanted that Israel committed war crimes and the UN said the embargo was legal.

Ummah Muslim

12/6/2012 12:25:03 AM

Thessalonian , the power is shifting to the east. Soon China wil be the most powerfull nation on this world. And they wil ''back'' the muslim country's. And when the muslim country's unite , a new Ottoman Empire wil rise. But this time it name wil be : Islamic nation or something. And with a democrasy system. In the future there wil be no greece or armenia or israel. Mark my words. It's game over thanks to the ''economic big shift''.


12/5/2012 11:38:50 PM

@Ummah Muslim. It's time for a new prescription as this one is not working... Regards

turkic voice

12/5/2012 10:36:03 PM

@ Truther ... ranking Israel as the 3rd most powerful military nation if we put in to equation of the loyal ally USA would be pretty accurate.

Tekion Particle

12/5/2012 8:32:15 PM

Hamas should be seen as what they are, unscrupulous terrorists who take pride in the death of their own people. That is because they do not care about them if they did they would not provoke Israel and get them killed. The solution lies with the people of Gaza who brought them to power. It is simple get rid of this hideous terror organization in the next election or stop winging and prepare to die for them. The sooner the Hamas is gone the sooner the Palestinian problem is solved.

Ummah Muslim

12/5/2012 7:53:30 PM

Hamas is real. We are all Hamas till the end. And the jews can live in savety. But one thing is sure. Israel wil be destroyed. More then 500 milyon muslims around Israel. Now the western allies of the zionist are bankrupt , soon Israel won't get enough help from them. The muslim country's are getting stronger each day. And soon the muslims wil unite. 1 big country. 1 big economy with a lot of oil. 1 big army. (More then 10 milyon soldiers) The future is ours.

rich bind

12/5/2012 6:04:10 PM

Whatever the situation was between Turks & Jews after 1940, honest history shows, that Muslims where massacring Jews long before the State of Israel existed, dating back to the 11th century in Spain. In 1929, Jews were murdered in Jerusalem, Hebron & Safed. Bagdad & Jaffa in 1921, Constantine 1934, etc. There was ethnic cleansing OFJEWS between Nov 1947 & May 1948 (end of British mandate).

Chris Tahos

12/5/2012 5:59:59 PM

It is a very good and balanced article, as BB seems to be one of the few turkish journalists left, who recognize Jew's right to live safely in their own land.

Johanna Dew

12/5/2012 5:29:59 PM

@Truther, your Ottomans started plundering SE Europe. It was time to drove you back. Now time to leave that behind. But your beloved Hamas was singing today:: ''In killing the Jews, we come closer to Allah''. When your PM is there, the world will ask who he supports? Those who fight for their people or those who use their people to protect themselves...Hamas? BB is right here.
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