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BAGHDAD - Agence France-Presse

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Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki criticised Turkey today for remarks he said did not show "mutual respect", in the latest bout of a weeks-long spat between the two neighbors.
Maliki's comments came as Turkey said it would not extradite fugitive Iraqi Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi, who is accused of running death squads and is the subject of an Interpol international Red Notice.
"We do not have any problems with Turkey," Maliki to according to a statement issued by his office.
"We do not want to antagonise Turkey, or Iran, or America, or Saudi Arabia, or any other country, but what happened and the remarks issued by Turkey do not show mutual respect."

His remarks come after Iraq and Turkey last month summoned each other's ambassadors to express their displeasure over a worsening row.
At the time, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan accused Maliki, a Shiite, of stoking sectarian tensions between Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds, and of monopolizing power.
Maliki fired back, saying such comments "will damage Turkey's interests and makes it a hostile state for all."

The Iraqi premier's latest comments came as Turkish deputy prime minister Bekir Bozdağ said on Wednesday that Ankara would not extradite Hashemi, whose trial in Baghdad is due to begin on May 15 after two delays.


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Notice on comments

ilker avni

5/10/2012 8:37:19 PM

Iran,s Leader Warned Erdogan to change course or they would be trouble a few months ago,I I Dont see any change,Turkey and Iran are heading for collision over Syria and Iraq. just what the Americans and Israeli,s wants a Shia and Sunni war.

Yousif Yacoub

5/10/2012 8:03:44 PM

Can some explain to me why the Turkish government is attacking mr Al-maliki daily?. A person who is trying to unite his country and standing in the face of the Kurdish seperatists. One solitary reason : the sectarianism unfortunately.

Yousif Yacoub

5/10/2012 7:54:02 PM

Mr Al-maliki is a strong politician who is supported by the majority of his people. The superiority of Turkish government in dealing with him would influence the bilateral ties and may leave a painful scar. Actually, Mr Erdogan has a narrow vision!.

Hakan C

5/10/2012 6:52:47 PM

And al-Maliki said all that without once moving his lips!! Oh, hello Iran, what's your hand doing right up there??
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