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Hürriyet Daily News

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Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has hinted he may not visit France again if a proposed bill that would criminalize the rejection of Armenian genocide claims passes in the country's Senate today. 

When asked what his reaction would be in the event the bill was approved by the French Senate, Erdoğan said that he may not go to France again if the bill is approved

Erdoğan said the proposed bill was against freedom of speech and was only a ploy for the coming elections in May.  

The prime minister said he hoped that the French Senate would not vote for a decision that conflicts with the country's history.

The contentious bill that was approved by the French Parliament in December penalizes the rejection of Armenian genocide claims with a 45,000-euro fine and one year in jail. The bill needs to be approved by the Senate before it can come into effect. 


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Notice on comments

Hakan Afacan

2/5/2012 3:06:55 AM

I am fed up with the ignorance & one sided thinking of the west to condem Turkey of genocide when the Turks are always being racially discriminated due to their religious background, grow up people what ever happened happened but I wouldn't call it G

Michael Johnson

2/2/2012 7:56:20 AM

Using the PM's own rhetoric against Paul Auster, "who cares"?

Harman Hani

1/29/2012 7:17:53 PM

Mr Sarkozy would not invite him anyway.


1/27/2012 3:56:04 PM

France is responsible for killing over 12,000 Armenians that fled Turkey seeking refuge. Can France take responsibility for their role in this supposed "Armenian genocide?"

Arnold Yesovitch

1/24/2012 7:36:03 PM

Erdogan "may not go to France" ever again and the Turkish speaker of the House today refused an invitation by Israel's Speaker of the House to visit saying Israel knows what it has to do to rewarm relations.." Pompous" is the word for Turkey


1/24/2012 6:53:17 PM

It's funny, many Turks claim Sarkozy is playing to the electorate, in the meantime Erdogan does this every time he attacks another country, which is a weekly occurrence. Does anyone think what he says matters to anyone but Turks? It's all empty words

Victor B

1/24/2012 6:21:45 PM

To Dogan: Soon you will be buying only Arabic products

mara mcglothin

1/24/2012 6:08:28 PM

The pot calling the kettle black! Erdogan cannot dictate what the idiot French do, but he could have easily gotten rid of article 301 and in one step make Turkey more democratic than France. But then he wouldn't be able to sue everyone.

Luc Glucose

1/24/2012 2:09:59 PM

yes please don't go, it brings the whole image of Turkey down everytime you go and make a 'speech' abroad.

sam stevens

1/24/2012 1:57:17 PM

dogan kemal ileri...........that's probably the reaction of many Europeans about visiting Turkey too after reading this paper & Erdogan's outbursts . Watch your tourism stats,you've already lost many Israelis. Grow up !
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