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A historic handwritten Quran was found in a Muğla mosque. AA photo

A historic handwritten Quran was found in a Muğla mosque. AA photo

A historic handwritten Quran was discovered in an old mosque in Bodrum. Yüksel Kılınçarslan, the imam of Tepecik Mosque, which has been serving the local community since 1737 on Neyzen Tevfik Avenue, noticed the 1,200 year-old Quran in the imam’s room and informed officials about it. At a ceremony, the historic Quran was delivered to the Bodrum Underwater Archaeology Museum with its accompanying protocol. 

The handwritten Quran will be sent to a manuscript library in İzmir after undergoing some maintenance. 
Kılınçarslan said that he had found the Quran in a piece of cloth. “We did not give it any importance thinking that it was an ordinary Quran. But I realized that it is handwritten and the figures on it show that it dates back to 1,200 years ago. I went to Ankara to talk to officials and they asked me to give it to the relevant institute,” he said.


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Misses Ataturk

10/16/2013 2:06:43 PM

Still doesn't prove islam to be correct or true..

kevin cuckow

10/12/2013 1:00:44 AM

No doubt if it proves their are improprieties that don't tally to today's version we will here no more about it so as it to preserve the belief there is only one Quran as believed by Muslims but proved not to be true by Atheists and Agnostics. So keep the dream alive ust like Turkeys football qualification.j
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