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The Hermes statue has been found in Patara. AA photo

The Hermes statue has been found in Patara. AA photo

A bronze Hermes statue from the Roman era, which has been unearthed during excavations in the ancient city of Patara in the southern province of Antalya’s Kaş district and restored at the Antalya Museum, was yesterday introduced to Culture and Tourism Minister Ertuğrul Günay.

The head of the excavations, Professor Havva İşkan Işık, said the four-meter long head statue was unique in Turkey and the world, saying, “we have never found such a stature before.”

Işık said the statue was estimated to date back to the period of Emperor Constantine. “This is a work from the late period, which makes it more special,” he said.

Following the uncovering of the statue, it was observed that the statue looked like the modern day people of the region.


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Notice on comments

Peter Lambson

1/24/2013 7:08:02 AM

Nice try with the "statue looked like the modern day people of the region" comment, but as Turks, they have no real patrimonial ties to this ancient artifact or any of the tens of thousands that have been found across Anatolia and predate the arrival of Turkish tribes to the region by many centuries. Turkey is merely the fortunate custodian of this wealth, that is all.

Agnes Smith

1/22/2013 7:05:35 PM

Beautiful find non the less -well done archaeology - lets get in a place where all can enjoy!


1/22/2013 4:38:07 PM

@Faruk Beisser. Only in Turkey it is normal to have doubts that the four legged creature meowing on the roof is a cat. Regards

mike alexander

1/22/2013 4:33:20 PM

The Greco-Roman cultures should be thankful that the Turks do not call the statures they find as their own. The West should give the Turks a credit for that. I would also suggest, for the shake of historical facts, that the Turks should do a better job in identifying new discoveries and declare them as Roman or Greek accordingly. Thanks.

Agnes Smith

1/22/2013 2:29:28 PM

Lycian/Greco /Roman - They were Lycians and spoke their own language until being Hellenized and revered the Greek gods. But they were ruled by the Romans eventually who came to fight off the Persians..Until you can identify the guy who carved the statue and his ethnic DNA no one can claim this as their own. The sculptor cound have a Greek mum, a Persian dad and been paid by a Roman. Eras and periods play a part. Patara was as Ephesus, patronised by the Romans As usual nothing conclusive intel

Faruk Beisser

1/22/2013 8:41:40 AM

And now, my dear Greek friends, where are your claims that this is a Greek statue? I so miss your comments!

Johanna Dew

1/22/2013 4:38:56 AM

Pardon me? Hermes is a Greek god. And Hermes (Mercury) was a GREEK roman god of luck. Why do you leave the word Greek out?
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