Qatari investments in Turkey: An urban legend

GÜVEN SAK writes:

The sudden embargo on Qatar by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates perplexed us all this month. It was a half-baked regional response to the half-baked American ideas presented during President Donald Trump’s recent visit

Comment(s) 6/17/2017

Trump’s Paris decision is bad for technological development

GÜVEN SAK writes:

No wonder Elon Musk left his advisory role in the Trump White House

Comment(s) 6/3/2017

The Middle East needs pluralism, not deeper trenches

GÜVEN SAK writes:

When I was in Kabul years ago, I was positively surprised to see a branch of the Agha Khan Foundation working on building a cellphone network.

Comment(s) 5/27/2017

Still serious about that wall, Mr. President?

GÜVEN SAK writes:

The United States has a 3,300-km border with Mexico. President Donald Trump ran on a campaign promise to build a “big beautiful wall” along it, and though he seems less enthusiastic about it these days, he still hasn’t backed away from the project.

Comment(s) 5/13/2017

Why are all these Japanese people coming to Turkey?

GÜVEN SAK writes:

It isn’t easy to be an optimist in Ankara, but I must admit that I am one. Still, even I was surprised the other day when I saw a list of Japanese companies operating in Turkey

Comment(s) 5/6/2017

This time it’s different

GÜVEN SAK writes:

Turks voted 51.4 to 48.6 percent in favor of the executive presidency. Here you have another evenly divided society, you may say by looking at the sheer numbers. Yet this time there is a difference. Let me elaborate.

Comment(s) 4/29/2017

PACE should save Turkey’s Europeanization process

GÜVEN SAK writes:

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan likes to say “the world is greater than five,” referring to the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC.) Many of us would agree with him, as the UNSC’s makeup really is Orwellian. “All nations are equal. But some nations are more equal than others,” it basically says

Comment(s) 4/22/2017

The coalition to end all coalitions

GÜVEN SAK writes:

Turks like to vote. They have tasted the freedom of a ballot booth, a place where you face yourself, and make a decision about your future.

Comment(s) 4/15/2017

‘Come on, this is not Turkey’

GÜVEN SAK writes:

“Human beings are pattern-seeking and storytelling animals,” said Edward Leamer, a professor in economics. That is after all, what science is also about; you look for patterns and tell coherent stories about them. Today, let me tell you about a couple of persistent patterns regarding the Turkish economy.

Comment(s) 4/8/2017

Why Turkey’s economy stumbled in 2016

GÜVEN SAK writes:

According to the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK), Turkey grew by 3.5 percent in the fourth quarter of 2016. Added to upward revisions of the previous two quarters, that brings Turkey’s annual growth in 2016 to 2.9 percent. The same number was 6.1 percent in 2015.

Comment(s) 4/1/2017

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