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ANKARA - Hürriyet Daily News

Turkey desperately needs more dialogue and democracy to solve its woes, President Gül says amid an ongoing row on today’s Republic Day festivities

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DHA photo

DHA photo

Turkey’s priorities remain the promotion of democracy, the expansion of fundamental rights, continued EU reforms and the maintenance of dialogue as the best way to solve problems, President Abdullah Gül has said in his Republic Day message, indirectly addressing the government.

“Turkey’s priorities and targets are well-known. In order to be a powerful country of the new world order, I want once again to recall our priorities which require great care,” Gül said in his statement.

Gül will host senior government and military officials and their spouses at the Presidential Palace for the Oct. 29 Republic Day reception today, marking a first as previous high-ranking army officers refused to attend the receptions because of their headscarf sensitivity. Citing democracy and the republic as the country’s most important values and placing great importance on a new libertarian and democratic Constitution, Gül said: “Our common target is a Turkey in which all of us live in democracy and freedom and use rights and freedoms at a universal standard. Basically, the environment of freedom is the power giving life to democracy.”

Calling on political parties not to waste time on unnecessary discussions and to adopt “the culture of compromise,” foster dialogue and solve problems with common sense, Gül said. In the meantime, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan yesterday said Turkey would continue its march to the bright future by embracing its values, vowing, “They will not allow any power, any dirty intention to stop this march.”


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