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Greek television audiences especially enjoy ‘Magnificent Century.’ The famous 
series is broadcast in Greece under the title ‘The Magnificent Suleiman.’

Greek television audiences especially enjoy ‘Magnificent Century.’ The famous series is broadcast in Greece under the title ‘The Magnificent Suleiman.’

Turkish television series that are broadcast in different countries are raising interest in Turkish language abroad. While Turkish TV series face many criticisms, they are also boosting interest in Turkish culture and language.

Greek audiences, in particular, have learned a number of Turkish words thanks to the series that are aired in their country. Turkish series such as “Muhteşem Yüzyıl” (Magnificent Century), “Sıla,” “Asi,” “Acı Hayat” (Bitter Life), “Deniz Yıldızı” (Starfish) and “Lale Devri” (Tulip Age) are among those shown in Greece, and Greek people have learned simple words in Turkish from them, such as “Hello,” “How are you?,” “My dear,” and also words like “Okay.”

Audience love Turkish actors

Greek television audiences especially enjoy “Magnificent Century.” The series is broadcast in Greece under the title “The Magnificent Suleiman.” Greek audiences love Turkish actors such as Kenan İmirzalıoğlu, Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ and Beren Saat. Greeks generally say that they do not see very many differences between themselves and Turkish people. They also say the Turkish TV series remind them of family life in their own society.

Greek people learn Turkish words from watching such TV series as “Magnificent Century,” “Asi” and “Sıla,” Kostantina Ilia, the owner of a small restaurant in Athens’ Sintagma Square, told Anatolia news agency.

“I do not know if I will be able to visit Turkey, but I would like to visit the country or take lessons to learn more Turkish words,” she said. “I think all of the actors in Turkish series are very talented,” she said, adding that İmirzalıoğlu is especially popular.

Golden Dawn party leader Nikos Mihaloliakos has some negative ideas about Turkish series, but all Greeks do not agree with his views, Ilia said.

“Turkish series depict strong family relationships,” said Klea Vakifli, working in a café that sells Turkish desserts. “Magnificent Century” and “Sıla” are the Turkish series most watched by Greek viewers, Vakifli said.


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Notice on comments

Takis T

9/21/2012 10:43:34 PM

Being a Greek and a grandson of people originated by Asia Minor, I've always remember my late grandmother saying stories from her homeland, which was Canakkale. I really think that the reason that turkish series are so popular among Greek people, is because they remind them a part of their lifes, as they used to be. And yes, turkish sweets are the best, I was glad to find out that Gullyoglu has a shop at the center of Athens, with the best turkish delights ever. And we love baklava as well!!!

Vangelis Denaxas

9/19/2012 11:19:44 AM

From turkish sweets personally I prefer Kurugemis which means I think loukoums with nuts e.t.c. Whenever I was bringing them from Istanbul they were finished in two ot three days at most. As for Suleiman the Magnificent my mother and brother watch it every evening, but I don't as I was dissapointed by the few and poor battle scenes.

Bob Beer

9/15/2012 10:45:31 AM

Many Greeks hear a word in a series and say "Oh! My Grandmother used to say that!" The series have helped Greeks to see Turks as human beings rather than "the enemy" in history books. Politics aside, Greeks from Asia Minor knew this anyway. Such developments always start with people; many Turks are interested in learning Greek now too. It's all good. As for baklava - there are many factors. Turkish baklava uses no honey, and lots of clarified butter. But try Köşkeroğlu! :)

Giannis Pas

9/14/2012 10:40:36 PM

um.....this article got it a bit wrong. Of course Turkish shows are popular with many women, but the one about the Ottoman empire just disgusted people cause it's nationalistic, for another country. That isn't bad per say, I mean all countries promote nationalism through media (Greece made many movies about how bravely our soldiers fought in WW2 and stuff like that), but just as most people want to puke everytime they see an American talking about "freeing the world" in movies, it's the same he


9/14/2012 6:14:15 PM

I would say this is common culture not just Turkish culture. Especially Ottoman's was a cosmopolit culture which was also culture of Ottoman Armenians, Jews and certainly Rum (not Greek imho). After all, Ottoman Empire was a continuation of the Byzantine Empire under a different banner. In that sense, there is little spreading involved, it is already there. I have tasted baklava around the globe, I can say no one makes it better Gulluoglu, my mother in law is up there too.

Turk Uzan

9/14/2012 5:59:10 PM

@Ioannis F. haha .. you are being paranoid man .. It's certainly useful for Turkey to promote Turkish culture, language and Turkey in general, but this isn't some government strategy or set up by the government. Also you claim that they can't be dubbed because the Turkish government is ridiculous, in Arab countries they are mostly dubbed as far as I know. Anyway, all countries should sub everything foreign, since dub just looks bad, sounds bad and subs promote reading haha

Turk Uzan

9/14/2012 5:48:26 PM

I do find it very Ironic that Muhtesem yuzyil is so popular in some former Ottoman (non Muslim ) countries inc Greece ... since most of these countries aren't really fond of the Ottoman empire, To say it very nicely ... It's a love, hate relationship I guess ... haha

Turk Uzan

9/14/2012 5:42:01 PM

@ Niko's don't try to face neighbor ... we all know it's mostly women who watch the series (same in Turkey) It's nice to see you say a few positive things about Turkey for a change though, and interesting info about your grandfather .. . Turkish movies from the 60's and 70's always had lovable Greek characters (ironically, I grew up with those movies ... in the 90's haha) @ Koksuz, when they say not many differences they mean the family values, respect for elders etc in other series.


9/14/2012 4:53:33 PM

Nikos you are my man... :) God Bless your Mother....

Sid Mark

9/14/2012 4:32:04 PM

In todays issue of Hurriyet."Man rapes duck in a Turkish village"It could make an interesting opera without translated subtitles.
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