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Ultra-right party Chryssi Avghi (Golden Dawn) leader Nikos Mihaloliakos. EPA Photo.

Ultra-right party Chryssi Avghi (Golden Dawn) leader Nikos Mihaloliakos. EPA Photo.

The leader of Greece's extreme right wing Golden Dawn Party, Nikos Mihaloliakos, has said during an interview that Istanbul could be taken back in the future, private broadcaster NTV reported today on its website.

"Is it realistic to ask for Istanbul, where 15 millions Turks live, while there are only 3,000 Rum [Anatolian Greek]?" Greece's daily Proto Thema asked Mihaloliakos following his words.

"Jewish people founded a state on their ancient land in 1948 after centuries had passed." Mihaloliakos answered."I am not saying that we have to fight with Turks by weapons. However, we should not forget that Hellenism existed in Anatolia, Pontus and Thrace for centuries."

"Our hearts are with the Queen City [Istanbul]. Hooray Konstantinos Palaiologos!" he said. Mihaloliakos had previously attended an event related to the conquest of Istanbul.

Mihaloliakos is nicknamed "Führer," referring to Hitler, and he has said that this nickname does not bother him.


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Notice on comments

Gorby Sin

8/3/2013 1:21:19 AM

Dear John Smith. This guy, or his party for that matter, was never part of any government coalition. His party is in parliament with 13 seats. Yet there is truth in this article. There are people in Gr that, still, believe that the glory of their nation has to be restored. There are GR folklore songs/poems addressing the Virgin Mary telling her not to cry and that the lost countries will be returned. Let's not forget that in the '20s, 3000 yrs of GR presence in Anatolia was brutally ended...

John Smith

5/13/2013 11:23:10 AM

Remember he has been voted into government by the Greek people.

Tekion Particle

10/10/2012 7:36:05 PM

My advice to him is make sure you don't lose Greece too while chasing to get Istanbul back.

illawarrior hill

8/9/2012 11:41:45 AM

Read history. At some point in time, almost every country in the Middle East and Europe, over-ran almost everyone else. Borders changed regularly over the years. Is Rome asking to have Britain back? Australian Aboriginals and American Indians ask for their countries back ... but it will never happen ... yet life goes on.

Anthony Villano

7/7/2012 2:56:21 AM

This so-called party leader needs a reality check. With politicians like him, it's no wonder Greece is bankrupt. What an embarrassment to the Greek people.


7/4/2012 12:45:22 AM

Don't understimate anybody. Just consider that each voice has power, positive or negative. Regarding some comments, please do not be ironic, at each first given opporunity, to Greece's financial problems, because this doesn't show any solidarity. And be sure for one thing...in this world when you have debts you have to pay for them in any case, so each irony on that is useless. That has happened to you before, that may happen to many other countries in the future. Thanks!

James Maxwell

7/2/2012 3:09:19 AM

As an American stationed in Turkey during the conflict over Cyprus betwee the Turkish and Greek nations I think this individual should be taken in for a mental exam. He apparently does not know his history and is using this to stir up the Greek people during a time of great financial crisis. I would bet that Ataturk is rolling over in his grave laughing.

Anastasios Anastasiadis Anetos

6/28/2012 3:59:14 PM

This man is mad and if not,very close to it. Any further talk about what he says or writes,purely serves to boost his ego !!!!

Okan Arcan

6/28/2012 10:23:57 AM

This is how you start talking when you have too much Ouzo

Ebru Kırcı

6/28/2012 2:35:36 AM

Dear Mr. Mihaloliakos, I'd like to invite you to Istanbul, come, live and enjoy it. If you accept my invitation, in behalf of Istanbul people, i'd be so glad to welcoming you. You don't need to worry about your or my ancestors' wishes, please free your mind, relax and think again. Do you really want Istanbul back? Why? It's too crowded, everybody wants to escape from here.
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