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ATHENS - Agence France-Presse

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Police cars are parked under an observation
tower, on the construction site of
a border fence with Turkey. AP photo

Police cars are parked under an observation tower, on the construction site of a border fence with Turkey. AP photo

Greece Feb. 6 started building a fence on its border with Turkey to keep out thousands of illegal migrants and refugees seeking to cross into Europe, a minister said.

 “This is a project which has practical and symbolic value,” Citizen’s Protection Minister Christos Papoutsis told reporters at the site on the banks of Evros River in northeastern Greece. “It will discourage people smugglers and illegal migration and send a message that Greece is not a free-for-all.

We will not allow Greece to become a transit country to other European Union member states,” Papoutsis said. The 10-kilometre barrier will be 2.5 meters high and includes a double row of barbed wire as well as 25 cameras. Its cost is estimated at 5.5 million Euros and it is due to be completed in five months.

The border runs a total of 150 kilometers and is a major crossing point for would-be immigrants trying to enter the European Union. Around 55,000 migrants were arrested in the area last year, an increase of 16.77 percent compared to 2010, according to official figures.


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Notice on comments

Chris Green

2/9/2012 11:52:41 AM

I agree with Brit, but we all know that ultimately 'they' want to come to Britain which is now FULL! If the UK was not in the accursed EU we would be able to manage our borders more effectively but something needs to be done to halt this tidal wave!

Brit in Turkey

2/8/2012 7:39:25 PM

Are we sure that this is not to keep Greeks from fleeing to Turkey? The border is 150Km and the fence 10Km according to the article. Won't people just nip round the end of it? Under present conditions no migrant would want to stop in Greece anyhow.

two sides to every coin

2/8/2012 7:06:32 PM

America spends billions of dollars a year on the US=Mexican border it is policed 24=7 and still 1000s make it across, so I agree with Red Tail on this one, it is purely symbolic and a waste of tax payers money.

Vangelis Denaxas

2/8/2012 1:22:05 PM

I am afraid too that the fence will have no results at all but time will tell.

Eric Martin

2/8/2012 12:47:48 PM

Why isn't Turkey controlling its border?

Red Tail

2/8/2012 12:02:36 PM

This is just symbolic. A fence which is 2,5 meters will not stop anyone who wants to go to Europe.
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