EUROPE > Golden dawn vows to put a Greek flag on disputed Kardak islets

ATHENS - Hürriyet

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Golden Dawn's members have organized a protest event for the Kardak (Imia) islets in Athens on Feb. 2. AA photo

Golden Dawn's members have organized a protest event for the Kardak (Imia) islets in Athens on Feb. 2. AA photo

Greece's far-right Golden Dawn party has threatened to plant a Greek flag on islets that brought the country to the brink of armed conflict with Turkey 14 years ago.

Ilias Panayotaros, a prominent Golden Dawn deputy, urged Greek politicians to immediately act regarding the Kardak islets (Imia in Greek), in the 17th year since the incident. "Either you go and plant a Greek flag on Imia, or we'll do it instead. We will see if the Greek coast guard will prevent Greek citizens who want to go to the island," said Panayotaros.

Meanwhile Golden Dawn leader Nikolas Michaliolakos said the day Turkish commandos put a Turkish flag on the islets, on Jan. 30, 1997, was a shame for all Greek people. Golden Dawn's members have also organized a protest event for the Kardak islets on Feb. 2.


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Notice on comments

George Pallas

2/18/2013 10:03:30 PM

I can see the Imia islets (rocks) from my house. This year, we are expecting Turkish tourism to beat the previous years. Tourist who leave hard earned cash to this hapless country. Tourist who want to enjoy what these islands have to offer. If my little Neo-I wish Alexander-Leonidas Hitler had a point friends want to $£); up this economic movement, their interest are not mine. Whatever is under those rocks is not worth the long term economic benefits this country will receive with discord.

mara mcglothin

2/3/2013 11:31:44 PM

Living proof that non country is free from nutjobs!

cezer "çapulcu" skonore

2/3/2013 9:33:44 PM

I think Alcatraz is called "the Rock" if you catch my drift...

george gritsis

2/3/2013 4:05:15 PM

"Flags are bits of colored cloth used first to shrinkwrap people's brains and then as ceremonial shrouds to bury the dead." Arundhati Roy

Brit in Turkey

2/3/2013 3:48:57 PM

What evil looking people they are in the photo.

Nikos T.

2/3/2013 3:13:12 PM

Golden dawn believe what Hurriyet journalists believed when they raised a flag on this dead rock several years ago. Same kind of people maybe. Nevertheless, to the warlike posters I would advise a little bit more humility.

kerem atan

2/3/2013 2:35:48 PM

wasn't greece selling off the uninhabited islands due to the financial crisis? but when it comes to the nationalism ,they plan to plant a flag on kardak.i think its hard to normalize the relations with greece so long as such extreme groups exist. they both pose threat to their citizens and the greek-turkish relations...

mr who

2/3/2013 2:03:16 PM

Up high in the middle down low you’re too slow

john albay

2/3/2013 12:42:31 PM

These people are a real threat to peace,even the greeks dont want trouble for these few rocks in the sea! Well if they try and they hopefully the Turkish military/coast guard will shoot them and you will hear the cheers of all normal greeks and Turks.


2/3/2013 12:29:54 PM

We will take that flag and a couple more islands in retaliation. :D Golden Dawn has lots of ambition, but the reality is far from that, since their opponent are the Turks. I would like to say, do it better now than tomorrow. No need for a Balyoz Master plan if we have Golden Dawn active at our neighbors :D Bring it on !!!
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