LOCAL >Girl gives birth while walking, leaves baby on pavement (VIDEO)

ISTANBUL - Doğan News Agency (DHA)

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DHA video grab

DHA video grab

A teenage girl gave birth to a child as she walked down a street in Istanbul’s Bağcılar district last night before leaving the newborn on the pavement, according to camera footage.
The 16-year-old reportedly informed her parents about her pregnancy that night, and the three were reportedly heading toward a health center when she delivered the baby as she walked.
The camera shows the three figures staring at the baby on the ground and then walking away from it, leaving the bloody child on the pavement. 
The girl reportedly returned home, where she changed her clothes before being taken to a hospital by her parents.

DHA photo

The baby was later discovered by a child passing by, and locals immediately alerted authorities. Police officers arrived soon after and took the abandoned baby to a hospital. 
The child’s father, a 17-year-old boy that lives in the same neighborhood as the girl, was immediately taken into custody. Police officers are still searching for the older brother of the boy, a police officer. 
The parents of the teenage mother were released on prosecutor's orders after questioning. 
The baby is reportedly in good health and will be passed on to the Social Services and Child Protection Agency when released from hospital.


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