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DHA Photo

DHA Photo

Restoration attempts at an ancient castle in the southeastern province of Mardin are being repeatedly postponed due to a large NATO radar inside, daily Radikal reported today.
A Justice and Development Party (AKP) Mardin deputy revealed today that the reason behind the constant postponements of the restoration was the hindrance caused by the NATO radar within its walls.
"NATO regulations just move much slower. The Defense Ministry is following up on the issue as well. There are plans to perhaps build a new radar instead of moving the present one," Gönül Bekin Şahkulubey said.
"The real owner of the place is NATO," Şahkulubey said. "We didn't know that when we first demanded the restoration. At least we didn't know that we had to follow NATO criteria on the issue."
AKP officials further said they hoped to eventually open the castle to tourism.


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The Lion

6/28/2012 9:31:55 AM

OK, so does the US military have willy-nilly access to everywhere in Turkiye? I find it hard to believe that a NATO radar was installed without the local AKP authorities knowing about.

Michael Johnson

6/28/2012 8:59:25 AM

We're not getting the full story here. I can't see NATO basing a radar system in a historical site, it would have never passed the planning stage.

Turk Uzan

6/27/2012 7:34:01 PM

Wait, you put a radar in a historic castle .. what if war breaks out and it gets bombed or something! ? This is a disgrace!

Arthur Borges

6/27/2012 7:21:24 PM

Some folks have no respect for civilization.
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