EUROPE > Germany's Merkel: Greece must stick to reform path

BERLIN - The Associated Press

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Germany's chancellor said any new Greek government must continue to implement the mix of austerity measures and structural reforms that the country has agreed to in exchange for its international bailouts.

Chancellor Angela Merkel on Monday said Greece itself must see what coalition government might be feasible following Sunday's parliamentary elections.

Germany says it will work with any democratically elected Greek government. But Merkel cautions that "of course, the most important thing is that the programs we agreed with Greece will be continued."

Greece which is deeply mired in recession  has agreed to harsh austerity measures and reforms in return for two massive bailouts from European Union, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund.


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Notice on comments

Silent Resident

5/8/2012 1:27:03 PM

Islam and Christianity are one and the same religion, with some differences in their practice. Turkey deserves to be in EU. Greece does not blames Germany for the crisis, but for enlarging the crisis with that policy of strict anti-growth measures.


5/7/2012 11:18:57 PM

EU is like a big fish bowl with very large and very small fish in it. Guess what happens to the small fish! What happened to Greeks was not Germany's fault. There are no free lunches. There is no alternative to hard work and sacrifice. Period,

Rimon Tree

5/7/2012 11:13:21 PM

@ Silent Resident Sorry, but this seems to me a real strange idea to throw out a central European- culture country like Germany of EU and have a country sliding into Iislamism joining it instead. No harm meant, just a matter of fact!

Silent Resident

5/7/2012 8:34:17 PM

dogan, you are right. Truth is, if it wasn't Germany, Europe could have been alot better today. Greece wants to see Turkey join the EU and Germany to be kicked out of it. Open theEU borders for Turkish people and kick out Germany! A Greek.

dogan kemal ileri

5/7/2012 2:48:51 PM

Greeks be bold there is nothing in this whole wide world that can not be renegotiated. Get out of the French-German yoke round your necks.This level of austerity is totally unnecessary.You can take a much longer perspective and thus lower suffering.
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