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Claudia Roth took shelter at the Divan hotel like deozens of protesters. AA photo

Claudia Roth took shelter at the Divan hotel like deozens of protesters. AA photo

German Green Party co-chair Claudia Roth, who was at the surroundings of the Taksim Square when the police intervened to evacuate the Gezi Park, has been affected by the tear gas fired by the security officers.

Roth took shelter like many protesters at the Divan hotel which faces the Harbiye entrance of Gezi Park. Doctors and volunteers gave the first medical aid to protesters affected by the intense tear gas bombardment. 

The German politician was also significantly affected by tear gas and received medical attention. 

The hotel was encircled by the police who fired tear gas inside its doors. Many protesters were reported to be severely injured. Ambulances were seen picking injured and unconscious people. 

Like war

"It was like war," Roth told the German private broadcaster ZDF after the police raid to Gezi Park. "I am a living witness. They fired tear gas without sparing women and children," she said.  

Police had intervened in Taksim Square earlier today, entering Gezi Park for the first time after two weeks. The outcry resulting from the muscled crackdown leaded to many protests across the town with clash breaking out at several arterial roads.

Police prevent German Greens' Claudia Roth from entering Taksim Square


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Notice on comments

mara mcglothin

6/16/2013 7:55:37 PM

Correct! RED TAIL We can all get by "with a little help from our friends" and regardless of the inferiority complex driven section of the Turkish society would believe, there are many in the West that only want the best for Turkey and its people.

Nuri Gotham

6/16/2013 6:53:26 PM

Claudia Roth, has been a staunch defender of democracy, human rights and environment domestically and internationally. She is a very hard working and has been a defender of the rights of all Turks, regardless to their background and political affiliation, residing in Germany. She has always been on the side of the oppressed and downtrodden; Gypsies,Palestinians, Gays, Muslims and Kurds.She has supported the values that she stands for in Cyprus, Afganistan, Iraq ,Syria ,Turkey and Gezi Park.

Red Tail

6/16/2013 3:44:28 PM

We should be greatful for European support of democracy and human rights in Turkey. It will make Turkey a better country to live in for the Turks. Some people below among the comments seem to believe that half of the Turkish people deserve to be attacked with teargas and serious violence. I am not one of them though. We in Turkey also deserve human rights, freedom of speech and minority rights, just like the Europeans. So we should thank them for their support and interest.

Jobs jon

6/16/2013 3:23:14 PM

The German Green Party should be classed as a terrorist organisation as it fuels to terror and unrest.

american american

6/16/2013 2:20:13 PM

i guess turkey should shut up about the myanmar and palastine

Kemal Candar

6/16/2013 12:45:06 PM

We don't need politicians like her in Turkey. She's only trying to take political advantage out of this. Trying to get the non-Green voters on her hand. In September there are national elections in Germany. She usually is in Diyarbakir, so why is she suddenly in Istanbul?

Nadiri Başaran

6/16/2013 10:50:35 AM

Germans not immune to tear gas! my goodness what a shock.

john albay

6/16/2013 10:14:08 AM

This woman is always trying to get into the limelight!! She is a german and not a Turkish MP so she should not interfere in Turkish affairs,but then again the green,left wing do gooders have to put their nose into everybodies business! Perhaps after a little dose of tear gas she will now stay out of Turkish politics and go back to germany where she belongs.Of course we will now be hearing a load of anti Turkish rubbish from this woman!!

Richard Wyatt

6/16/2013 8:54:00 AM

By now the whole of Germany will know this.

Not Here

6/16/2013 8:15:25 AM

What a sad state of affairs. This government is humiliating itself by such actions, more than any full-page advertisements in popular newspapers could ever do.
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