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ISTANBUL - Hürriyet

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Çağlayan received GE’s Vice President John Rice in Istanbul yesterday.

Çağlayan received GE’s Vice President John Rice in Istanbul yesterday.

General Electric Corporation (GE) will make investments worth $900 million in Turkey over the next three years aimed toward infrastructure development and innovation, Turkey’s Economy Minister Zafer Çağlayan said. GE will also produce its wind turbines in Turkey during this three year window, Çağlayan said.

Çağlayan received GE’s Vice President John Rice in Istanbul yesterday. These wind turbines will bring Turkey’s to a very good place in terms of energy stressed Çağlayan.

“When I look at GE’s possible investments in aviation, energy, health, transportation and infrastructure, I can say that they have made a solid analysis of the investments that Turkey needs,” Çağlayan said.

“Turkey’s development goals go hand-in-hand with GE’s expertise. We see huge growth opportunities in developing Turkey’s infrastructure to become one of the world’s top ten economies by 2023,” said Rice.
Rice stressed that GE currently provides 25 percent of Turkey’s energy needs with its six facilities and 600 employees. GE also provides 60 percent of the Turkish aviation industry’s motors and 20,000 health technology products in the country’s hospitals.

GE has discovered the basic stages in our incentive system, Çağlayan said following his meeting.
“This is the first time that GE has announced a net figure for their investments. Where the investment [will go] and what type they will be will become clear in the next few months.”


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MR Somalia

6/12/2012 4:59:39 PM

GE knows the Western economy is history and is set to collapse within the next 50-70 years, so GE is just planting its seeds else where. Turkiye has the final say though. Don't even waste your time and money on EU---Asia, Middle East and Africa as well as South America is the way forward. The U.S. and EU already used up all their natural resources and their economies had no more room to grow--no new idea nothing, just the rich getting rich. Now USA full of homeless.


6/12/2012 4:58:09 PM

ilker avni, where about in Turkey would nuclear generating plants be safe to operate, knowing well in advance that most of its expance is distributed over seismic fault lines? It appears Turks have not learned the lessons Japan's nuclear disaster put forward for the world to see. Regards

ilker avni

6/12/2012 2:27:54 AM

Wind turbines are a waste of money,nuclear energy is the way forward,i allso noticed that GE is the one making the decisions on where they invest in Turkey.If Turkey used its head and built petro chemical container port on the Easterm Mediterainian sea it could sell to the middle east as well as European countries and it become a major player.Transport are the arterys of a growing economy,i like the roll on roll of ferrys that operate to the middle east why not europe?better roads and railway.

Eric Martin

6/12/2012 12:58:06 AM

And why didn't the government create a startup to build these?
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