LOCAL >Four people injured in brawl between locals, Syrians in Turkey’s Adana


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Four people were injured following a brawl between locals and Syrians in the southern province of Adana late on Feb. 27, Doğan News agency has reported.

The brawl erupted for an unknown reason between neighborhood residents and Syrians who reside in tents in the Bahçelievler neighborhood of Yüreğir district.

Four people, including three Syrians, suffered gunshot wounds, while residents also allegedly set fire to their tents and broke the windows of their vehicles.

A number of ambulances and police teams were dispatched to the area as injured people were taken to Çukurova State Hospital for treatment. Syrian citizens Jabir Abid, 25, and Ferhan Abid, 32, were reportedly left in critical condition, while 30-year-old Hüseyin Can received light injuries.

Police moved to separate the groups that fought each other. Police also evacuated Syrians with buses from the neighborhood. 

Meanwhile, a similar incident occurred between Afghans and Syrians in the Central Anatolian province of Konya early on Feb. 28.

A Syrian group attacked Afghan citizens with sharp objects in a house in the Şükran neighborhood of Meram district.

Ten Afghans were injured, with one of them suffering critical injuries. Police opened an investigation following the incident. There was no immediate reports about the reason for the attack, according to officials.


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