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Witnesses and activists claimed that Atakan was hit in head by a tear gas canister while police said he had fallen from a building. DHA video

Witnesses and activists claimed that Atakan was hit in head by a tear gas canister while police said he had fallen from a building. DHA video

Footage that allegedly shows a protester falling from a building in the southern province of Hatay appeared in some Turkish media outlets on Sept. 10,

The reports on the footage say it shows protester Ahmet Atakan, 22, who passed away in the early hours of the same day in Antakya's flash-point neighborhood of Armutlu. Witnesses and activists claimed that Atakan was hit in head by a tear gas canister fired by the police. 

Atakan had taken part in a demonstration in support of students protesting against the construction of a road in Ankara's Middle Eastern Technical University (ODTÜ).

The police released a statement claiming they had footage from a local camera indicating that Atakan had fallen from a building, and that no police intervention was visible.

State-run Anadolu Agency also claimed that it had footage showing Atakan falling and rolling on the ground, as well as footage of stones and a water tank being thrown onto police vehicles from the roofs.

According to daily Radikal, however, Atakan's preliminary autopsy report stated that there was a 6x5cm bruise (ecchymose) on the left side of his skull and no fractured bones in his body. The report also stated that were a number of bruises on Atakan's body, none of them major, and that 1.1 liters of blood had been emptied from his lungs during first aid at Antakya State Hospital.

He is the sixth protester killed in anti-government protests in Turkey this summer, after Abdullah Cömert (22), Ali İsmail Korkmaz (19), Ethem Sarısülük (26), Mehmet Ayvalıtaş (20) and Medeni Yıldırım (18). Police officer Mustafa Sarı also died after falling from a bridge while pursuing fleeing protesters in Adana.

Atakan's death has sparked outrage and triggered fresh protests in the main Turkish cities, including Istanbul, Ankara and İzmir. 


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Notice on comments

Çılgın Kanarya

9/12/2013 4:45:23 PM

SAM AFG, this is an English language version of the newspaper, & I'm commenting under a false name (believe it or not!). If my anti-AKP comments were to be published in the Turkish version of Hürriyet (or indeed any other Turkish newspaper), involving multiple posts on a daily basis, on a wide range of topics, & under my real name, then I would get seriously harassed by the authorities here, & the editors would come under massive pressure, accused of disseminating terrorist propaganda & insults.

Soap box

9/11/2013 8:15:21 PM

K M: I gave up watching tv after arriving on these shores as the production values are worse than dreadful....which just adds more plausibility to the notion of jiggery pokery. They would have had to have involved damned foreigners if they wanted it doing right! No chance of that!!

sam afg alokozai

9/11/2013 7:24:47 PM

@ Dayna Lewis there is no country in the world without jobless population, however the percentage is different, and these thousands or even hundreds of thousands of protesters do not represent 1 or 2% of 76 million & meantime have anybody saw the condition of body, really it doesn't show that the guy fallen from a building, so before investigation pointing finger is only called propaganda @Çılgın Kanarya if AKP rules authoritarian, you cant even post such comment here & target AKP for everything


9/11/2013 5:22:30 PM

Good eye, Soap Box. Not a TV watcher, but would the gov't have done better if they'd brought in the professionals to film it?

american american

9/11/2013 3:10:25 PM

we have a video showing a cop shooting a man, yet that isn't evidence enough....hmmmm, we are still waiting for the mosque orgy video...or is that in erdogan's private collection?

Dayna Lewis

9/11/2013 3:02:18 PM

@sam afg....you are so inconsistant....first you say in other posts that the AKP has made Turkey prosperous but here you say people go out to protest because they are jobless and have nothing else to do Which is it?

Brit in Turkey

9/11/2013 2:43:59 PM

sam afg alokozai: Try jumping off a building and we'll all be able to see what bones you break. Legs, pelvis, shoulders, arms, ribs, head, they are all in the offing. Can an autopsy really hide these things?

Çılgın Kanarya

9/11/2013 2:02:14 PM

SAM, I've got a job (full time), but I also make time to protest against the authoritarian rule of the AKP and the murderous brutality of their paramilitary force, the AKPolice. Don't be such an ignoramus. And SUAT YILDIRIM, who's targeting who? 6 protesters dead at the hands of the AKPolice, yet only one cop has died (and even this was as a result of him falling while chasing people!). You have no sense of logic and are completely oblivious to what's going on in your own country's streets!


9/11/2013 1:57:56 PM

The blurry video shows something or someone falling. What time was it taken? What day? Where? Also, why is there no other footage of him falling or is there but not being shared? Why does it look like whatever fell was already unconscious (no arms were out)? Are we saying then that the initial autopsy report and the testimony of family and friends was a direct lie? This all doesn't make much sense right now. Anyway, I wish the government promised this much investigation for the other deaths.

Allan K.

9/11/2013 12:52:16 PM

I watched the video dozen of times... I still not convinced. We see something clearly falling on the ground, but that's all. Could be anything. Tha autopsy says the man died from head injuries. I think if he really felt from the 7th floor, all his body bones would have been broken. No????
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