LOCAL >Fire put out after prison riot in southeastern Turkey


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Smoke is seen rising out of the Şanlıurfa prison in this DHA video grab.

Smoke is seen rising out of the Şanlıurfa prison in this DHA video grab.

A fire started by prisoners at Şanlıurfa prison were put out and "everything was under control," the city's governor said, according to broadcaster NTV.

A riot had reportedly broken out in the same Şanlıurfa prison that witnessed a deadly weekend fire as inmates torched parts of the prison compound.

The fire was put out and there were no losses of life, Şanlıurfa governor said.
A gendarmerie commander was heard addressing the inmates via loudspeakers during NTV's live broadcast earlier, calling on the prisoners to end the riot.
Unconfirmed reports said the fire was started by juvenile prisoners who wanted to protest the poor conditions at the facility.
Family members of prisoners rushed to the prison building to learn about the condition of the prisoners, but were not allowed to approach the prison. Police used tear gas to disperse the prisoners' relatives. 
Thirteen prisoners died from smoke inhalation in the same prison June 16 after inmates started a fire after a quarrel, officials said yesterday. 
The prime minister and the justice minister have vowed to shed light on the issue.


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