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Luigi Padovese. AA Photo

Luigi Padovese. AA Photo

An İskenderun court sentenced Murat Altun on Jan. 22 to 15 years in prison for the 2010 killing of Luigi Padovese, the Pope’s apostolic vicar, in the southern Anatolian Turkish district.
Padovese was stabbed to death by his driver Altun, who had been working with the bishop for five years.
Initial investigations eliminated the possibility of a political dimension to the crime, the governor had said, adding that the suspect had been receiving treatment for psychological disorders. Although the investigations are ongoing, Hatay Governor Mehmet Celalettin Lekesiz had said in 2010 that “The murder of Padovese seems to have been for personal reasons.”

In 2007, a Roman Catholic priest in the western city of İzmir, Adriano Franchini, was stabbed and slightly wounded in the stomach by a 19-year-old after Sunday Mass.

The same year, a group of men entered a Bible-publishing house in the central Anatolian city of Malatya and killed three Christians, including a German national.

In 2006, amid widespread anger in Islamic countries over the publication in European newspapers of caricatures of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad, a 16-year-old boy shot dead a Catholic priest, Father Andrea Santoro, as he prayed in his church in the Black Sea city of Trabzon. The boy was convicted of murder and sentenced to 18 years in prison.


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Notice on comments

mara mcglothin

1/25/2013 7:02:00 PM

And now life for a bomb in the grand bazaar where there is clear evidence the explosion was caused by a gas leak, and then 15 years for murder. Turkish justice is rich!

Tekion Particle

1/23/2013 10:17:49 PM

@Thessalonian, you have written what I was going to. How can they justify such discrepancies, less sentence for murder than carrying a banner...

Great Attila

1/23/2013 7:52:33 PM

15 years for killing a priest... Ain't Turkey such a great country? Discrimination against Christians is fun (sarcasm).


1/23/2013 4:29:31 PM

Turkish procecutors asked for a 21 year sentence for Sevim Sevimli for having attended a "leftist band" concert and for spreading anti AKP propaganda, while this murderer gets 22-15. Turkish justice at its best... Regards

mara mcglothin

1/23/2013 4:12:33 PM

15 years that's it? If the man is mentally unstable, then he should be locked up in a mental institution for life and not be allowed to go off on someone else in 15 years. If he is not insane then he should get Murder 1 conviction and that is a life sentence.
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