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ISTANBUL – Hürriyet Daily News

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The movie tells the story of Istanbul’s capture by the Ottoman sultan Mehmed II.

The movie tells the story of Istanbul’s capture by the Ottoman sultan Mehmed II.

The upcoming Turkish movie “Fetih 1453” (Conquest 1453) has angered Christians in the German city of Cologne, with the Christian association Via Dolorosa boycotting the film. 

The association said Turks should be ashamed of what they did to Christians in the past instead of celebrating Istanbul’s conquest. 

The movie, directed by Faruk Aksoy, tells the story of Istanbul’s capture by the Ottomans during the reign of Sultan Mehmed II.

“We advise every Christian not to watch this movie. We will distribute brochures in front of the cinemas and inform the Christians who would like to see this movie,” said a spokesperson for the group, adding that the Hagia Sophia was transformed into a mosque after the Ottoman conquest.

The movie has also angered Greek viewers after it was released there in January. Greek weekly To Proto Thema described the film as “conquest propaganda by the Turks,” in a story published on its website. “The Turkish invaders present themselves as rulers of the world” and “[fail] to show the mass killings of Greeks and the plunder of the land by the Turks,” the piece said.

The film will be released in Turkey on Feb. 17.


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Notice on comments

xxmexx xxxxxx

2/9/2012 8:06:48 PM

In the past, who is the most powerful, it conquers the land it wanted. That was the rule. Cause land was the only and single wealth source. No christianity no muslim matter is in question. The lesson is "give and share power to all people".

Peter Lambson

2/9/2012 4:15:41 AM

@ Brit in Turkey--actually, the Western Christians should be ashamed for attacking the Eastern Christians and laying waste to Constantinople in 1204; they helped weaken Constantinople enough that the Ottos could finally take it 2 centuries later.

Brit in Turkey

2/7/2012 7:57:47 PM

And the Greeks should remember what they did to the Turks in Cyprus from the 50's to 1974.

Brit in Turkey

2/7/2012 7:52:15 PM

Likewise Christians should be ashamed of what they did to to non-believers in the years of the Crusades and earlier.

Hakan C

2/7/2012 7:40:29 PM

"Turks should be ashamed of what they did to Christians"... What? Gimme a break for heavens sake! What, the Romans, Spanish, Byzantines, Celts, Franks, Teutons, (all Christian BTW) came bearing gifts when THEY were conquering right? Get real!!

Red Tail

2/7/2012 7:25:56 PM

It is only fiction, so not reason to worry. It does, though, say a lot about the people making and financing a movie like this (and many others). But if people want to make a fool of themselves, there is no law stopping them.

Peter Panayiotou

2/7/2012 7:08:24 PM

In some ways its good that Turkey begins to acknowledge its history. Istanbul was taken by force. Anatolia was taken by force. The Turks are not indigenous to the lands that are today called Turkey.

M Th

2/7/2012 7:05:39 PM

"We advise every Christian not to watch this movie." Worst marketing ever.
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