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Hürriyet photo

Hürriyet photo

A father has agreed to avoid pursuing revenge against the alleged rapist of his 13-year-old daughter in exchange for livestock, the marriage of the victim and her assailant, as well as a bride from the offender’s family, daily Sabah reported today.
The victim, who was raped and tortured by a 15-year-old relative, was given away as a bride to her rapist during a meeting last month in a village in the eastern province of Erzurum’s Çat district that locals convened to prevent a blood feud from erupting between the two families.
The father, in return, received land and livestock, while the rapist's 13-year-old sister is now set to marry the victim's teenage brother because the victim's father wanted "a new daughter" now that his own "had been dishonored."
The event was revealed when an unknown person alerted gendarmerie forces. The rapist confessed to the crime and was sent to prison. 
The victim was hospitalized following the incident but was soon returned to her family.


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In A Flap

10/1/2012 11:35:40 PM

little will be done about this as the current government needs these types of people to stay in control of the country. Why aren't the imams and mosque leaders up in arms about this behaviour in the 21st century, is it because they still live in the 7th? I live in turkey and do not recognise this type of thinking from those I know here.

Arnold Yesovitch

9/30/2012 3:16:30 PM

Rich Bind. I do not agree that women in the conservative Christian world and the orthodox Jewish world are second class citizens. But even if I agree with you there is a complete difference in being a second class citizen and being a piece of property. Islam rules that women are owned by their men. To do with them what they want with little or no repercussions.

illawarrior hill

9/25/2012 5:57:15 PM

It is the rapist and the girl's father who have dishonoured themselves, not this innocent child

Vasiliki Katsarou

9/25/2012 2:41:54 PM

with so little support from society, I guess all she can do is to chop off the head of her rapist, for her own safety.

A. Oger

9/25/2012 12:50:26 PM

What about the father? Still free as a bird? "The victim was [...] soon returned to her family." How can local institutions send her back to her father who sold her already?

Jack Scott

9/25/2012 11:38:26 AM

Turkey can never take its place at the table of civilised nations while this is allowed to continue.

john albay

9/25/2012 11:20:00 AM

I have read the background to this story and the people(if you can call them that!!) involved were kurds and not Turks,so to all the Turk bashers here who love the kurds more of kurdish culture for you! As they are Turkish citizens Turkey must do more to change this backward way of thinking and educate these people.

Tamer Aslantas

9/25/2012 11:09:40 AM

When it's bad it's Erdogan this and that. When it's good then it's nooo not Erdogan. Just for one time blame it on the person who committed these bad actions. This is happening everywhere in the world 'Mandal Clothespeg'! In the west it's even worse when a father rapes her own daughters and conceive baby's with her. Mother not saying nothing. How about that? There are sicko's in every society or nation.

Adam Polk

9/25/2012 11:05:39 AM

an information. I had seen this story in Turkish paper as well. these families from rural area and both Kurdish. authorities started an investigation after the story took place in the newspaper. thanks God.

Sid Mark

9/25/2012 10:55:41 AM

It seems that it is an over exagerated story which is difficult to believe. Is this the mirror of rural Turkish society?An answer please.
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