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DHA file photo

DHA file photo

A gay teenager was allegedly killed last month by his father and uncle in the southeastern province of Diyarbakır in a murder that the boy’s rich and powerful tribal family subsequently sought to cover up, according to local members of the LGBT community.

R.A., 17, had allegedly been exposed to violence by his family because of his sexual orientation before seeking refuge at a friend’s house, daily Cumhuriyet reported.

R.A.’s uncle, however, forcibly removed the teenager from his friend’s house; later, the boy reportedly had an argument with his father, after which the latter allegedly shot his son 14 times before he and his brother deposited the body by the side of the road, Cumhuriyet reported.

R.A.’s father and uncle were subsequently arrested for their alleged role in the murder.

A member of the local LGBT community said the family had sought to cover the incident up.

“The family wanted to cover up the murder which happened one month ago because they were a rich and powerful tribal family. They wanted the police to hide the incident,” the person said. “We are subjected to violence, but there is no place where we can make a complaint or search for our rights. Police insult and swear at us, doctors make fun of us.”


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Notice on comments

Geir Fugleberg

9/8/2012 4:30:07 AM

Well Mr Tevfik Alp,however hard this might be for this horribly stricken religiously "observant" tribal family, I think that it might be a teensy,weensy bit harder for a 17 year old to have to "cope" with the fact of being dead!!

Leslie Kayilibal

9/7/2012 11:59:17 PM

Did anyone actually read what this article says? No where in the article does it say the murder was motivated by religious beliefs. This was a murder caused by the need to save face & avoid the so-called shame of having a gay son. I AM NOT CONDONING the family's murder of their son & nephew - which is incredibly horrible and senseless. There is just no need to bash religion in this case & religion has plenty of reasons to be bashed. This is about family pride, both misguided and ridiculous.


9/5/2012 3:18:18 PM

Being 'liberal' has nothing to do with this! You can be conservative and traditional and still treat people with dignity! Where is the peace love and acceptance taught in Islam? It makes me so sick to hear about these stories... the ignorant, hollow, hypocritical and hateful mentality of those that do this.. another example of how twisted and warped religion can make you... his own FATHER and UNCLE!? May they rot in prison.

Michael Johnson

9/3/2012 11:56:07 AM

Well said HDNblogger.


9/3/2012 10:29:21 AM

Well, now the perpetrators of the murder will face the Courts and be tried for 1st degree Murder. That's plain and simple. Whether you are rich, poor, come from a big tribal family, you will face the same degrading fate and shame, when you take another's life. Of course, the biggest isse is the fact that it took 2 blokes to kill a 17 year old child, who was their son and nephew. Oh the shame of the cowardice these people bring on their "tribe"!

Sayat Nova

9/2/2012 2:08:16 PM

This is a very unfortunate and sad incident; however, one should not forget that hate against homosexuals or any other "different persons” is condoned by all zealous religious people and majority of Muslims in Turkey are religious. Given the current events, it is easy to see that an “Islamic Renaissance” is eons away.

illawarrior hill

9/1/2012 6:47:48 PM

think about this ... most religions believe their god is all powerful and all knowing etc ... and that nothing happens unless it is god's will. Thus.... if homosexuality exists, and Allah, Christ, Jehovah etc did not eliminate it with the mere blink of an eye, then clearly, it is their will for it to exist.... and it is not up to man to defy god's will.

Tevfik Alp

8/31/2012 6:39:06 PM

ehhem.. Consevative and traditional environments are rather different than those liberal communities.

KuriouserN Kuriouser

8/31/2012 6:03:29 PM

@ Tevfik- It wouldn't be a difficult case for the family to deal with if they weren't ignorant bigots. That's the only problem they needed to solve and cope with.


8/31/2012 6:02:00 PM

Tevfik, It's reactions such as yours that make being Gay 'difficult'. Being gay shouldn't be difficult to deal with at all! I love my children unconditionally and that wouldn't change if they were gay. Being gay is not an illness, it is not a crime nor is it morally wrong - it's none of any bodies business, except YET AGAIN, for those who believe in God. The most judgemental people are the ones who preach peace and love. No good can come out of religion.
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