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AP Photo

German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle said the European Union should resume negotiations with Turkey over chapters without losing further time, warning that otherwise Turkey’s interest in the union would decline.

Westerwelle called on the EU to open further chapters with Turkey at an interview with German daily Saarbrücker Zeitung.

“We, the Europeans, should open chapters to negotiations with Turkey in the first half of 2013. Otherwise, in the upcoming term, our interest in Turkey may be greater than Turkey’s interest in us,” Westerwelle said. Turkey did not demand an urgent EU membership, he also said.

“Turkey’s demands to receive fair treatment, confidence and respect in negotiations were all justified,” Westerwelle said. Turkey has written a breathtaking success story in the past decade, Westerwelle said. Developments indicate that Turkey could be a bridge between Europe’s Muslim neighbors and the EU, Westerwelle stated.


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Another View

12/31/2012 4:39:32 AM

"The EU may chase Turkey soon..." Reads the caption. But no where is there evidence in the article to support the caption. How does the German FM's comments square with the German official position that only a "special relationship" is feasible not full membership. The article does not say. Turkey's persistent bad mouthing of the EU also does not square with Turkeys alleged desire to join the EU

Chris Green

12/25/2012 10:33:04 PM

Ilker bey, in fact the last vote that we had here was indeed in connection with the Common Market or the EEC and this was in 1975. We have never been asked to sanction closer union with Europe nor to cede sovereignty to Brussels. Successive governments have disenfranchised the British public in this important matter. I would suggest that the %age would be a great deal higher than the 56% you suggest.

ilker avni

12/25/2012 4:26:11 AM

@ Chris Green A Recent poll in the UK say 56% of Britains want out of the EU, the last time Britains were given the vote was back in 1968/69 when we only joined for the single market.We didnt join a German led club giveing away our soverignty to Unified Germany.Britain contributes 8 billion a year into European Union funds to subcidise French farmers,what does Britain get out of EU ?Britains major tradeing partner is Germany,if Britain left others will follow,Britain should be like Norway.

ilker avni

12/25/2012 4:03:06 AM

The EU which was supposed tobe a single tradeing block and was to stop further wars, thats what Britain joined up to,Now it has Germany dominating the club with its German rules and Germany controlling the budgets of nations in the EU with its strict fiscal polices.The United States and Britain see the union as a German agenda to compete against the Worlds currency the Dollar, with Europes own currency the Euro.Britain wants the Euro to fail so does the United States.

Chris Green

12/24/2012 1:30:25 PM

Well said Truther! We in the UK also want out, but then we were never asked if we wanted 'in' from the outset! If Turkey is smart she will do a trade deal for that is 100% of all that is ever required of the EU.

Pawel Bury

12/23/2012 6:52:35 PM

@Dear Norman, Macedonia is Greek for thousands of years. Pretending it was not isn't going to help you in any way. Apart form Macedonia's mineral wealth, there are tones of gas in Creta and Ionion sea. This is a well known fact in the EU. You can find info in foreign press. Actually there is a very recent report from Deutsche Bank with this info. This is the reason Angela Merkel fell in love with the Greeks again.


12/23/2012 6:26:26 PM

Personally I do not like to be chased.

Norman Kanada

12/23/2012 5:46:04 PM

TO Pawel Bury: (you are not the hockey player..but probably wish you were..lol) What natural resources..olive vines..(the only natural resources in Greece are in Macedonia which they were unjustly given in 1913. (50% of Macedonia is in Greece)

Jon Goodfellow

12/23/2012 5:06:36 PM

@IlkerAvni You repeat most of what I said. Its not about the EU, but Germany. Greek Cyprus will scuttle EU membership for Turkey as long as it can. More important to watch Turkey for bilateral/multilateral negotiations over Aegean an E. Meditteranean that will involve Greece, Greek and Turkish Cyprus, and maybe even Isrealis (via Greek Cypriot proxy). Its in the interests of Turkey, Cyprus, Greece, Germany, AND US for natural gas and oil to flow through. Will bypass Russia.

Pawel Bury

12/23/2012 10:36:25 AM

Some of you really can't help it. You will still be talking about Greece even if the article is for the tasmanian devil. Despite your wishful thinking, Greece is not EU's greatest problem. Italy and France have much bigger problems. However Greece and Cyprus are the ONLY EU countries with natural resources. So kicking them out of EU is just a (probably Turkish) dream that will never come true.
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