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ISTANBUL – Radikal

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Eskişehir’s Governor Azim Tuna. AA Photo

Eskişehir’s Governor Azim Tuna. AA Photo

Eskişehir’s governor, who has been the subject of harsh criticism over his remarks in connection to the slaying of Gezi protester Ali İsmail Korkmaz, has threatened journalist İsmail Saymaz with retribution if the daily Radikal correspondent does not stop reporting on the issue.

“If you discuss this subject by interpreting it again, you’re vile and inglorious,” Gov. Azim Tuna said in an email sent early this morning to Saymaz, accusing the reporter of misinterpreting his much-discussed remarks of “they hit their own friends.”

Korkmaz was killed after being beaten with sticks by plainclothes men during a demonstration in the Central Anatolian province as part of the country-wide Gezi protests. Five men, including a police officer, are facing jail time over the murder.

Tuna sparked outrage and incredulity after suggesting that Korkmaz might have been beaten by his own friends in an effort to frame the police.

In the mail he sent at 3:56 a.m. today, Tuna claimed his remarks had been continuously warped by Saymaz, who again elicited the governor’s anger by penning a new story about how the murder trial was now being moved outside Eskişehir.

“Ismail, my son, you’re at it again… The offenders have been found, arrested and are being judged. I guess you’re not pleased with this. Just when you’re out of material, the court asks a question. And we write our opinion in order to prevent incidents from happening in this city where hundreds of thousands of people live, for the well-being of public order. This [information] is serviced to you by our partisan attorneys at that moment,” he said, blaming Saymaz for being prejudiced on the course of the trial.

“Even [the punishment of the suspects with] life sentence wouldn’t please you. If you discuss this subject by interpreting it again, you’re vile and inglorious. Don’t forget there is [the life to come], we will see each other there sooner or later,” he said.

Radikal was unable to speak with the governor, but Tuna’s bodyguard confirmed that the governor had sent the message.


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