POLITICS > Downed jet was flying with another plane: CHP deputy


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EPA Photo

EPA Photo

A Turkish jet downed June 22 was flying in tandem with another aircraft when Syrian forces took it down, according to Republican People Party (CHP) deputy Orhan Düzgün.
Düzgün demanded that the government reveal the nationality of the accompanying jet, which "Hatay locals saw with their naked eyes."
"There were two planes flying. The fate of that second plane remains unknown. The government now denies the existence of a plane clearly seen by the people of Hatay," Düzgün said.
"The key to solving this issue is [the second jet]. Who did it belong to and what was it doing over there?" Düzgün asked.
The second jet belonged to a NATO member but further information on its country of origin has not been provided by official sources, Düzgün said.


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T. Franklin

6/28/2012 10:20:58 AM

"BAE Systems engineers are converting 20 F-4 Phantom II jet fighters into full-size drones, designated as QF-4s. The full-size, remotely controlled QF-4 converted aircraft are designed to provide Air Force aircrews the opportunity to train in realistic air-combat maneuvering, including live weapons launch. Moreover, the drones will aid in the development of new weapons systems capable of neutralizing enemy aircraft." The truth probably lies somewhere in this statement.

sam stevens

6/27/2012 6:28:53 PM

This whole affair is beginning to stink ! War is deceit .......... but Turkish people are paying for this & deserve to know the truth .

Rimon Tree

6/27/2012 5:23:13 PM

Seems that really everything comes to the light in the end. I feel like in a Turkish soap opera!
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