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Doğuş Media Group CEO Cem Aydın has reportedly been forced to take leave from his post.

Doğuş Media Group CEO Cem Aydın has reportedly been forced to take leave from his post.

Doğuş Media Group CEO Cem Aydın has reportedly left his post at the group, days after he issued an apology to his employees for the way the early days of the Gezi events were covered on NTV, the group’s news channel. 

The leave was reportedly a step toward ending Aydın’s relationship with the group, according to sources.

Aydın was the only figure to apologize after Turkish media came under fire for ignoring the early clashes, in a move that was seen by the protesters as appealing to the Justice and Development Party (AKP) government. 

Crowds had marched to the NTV building in Maslak to protest the channel’s coverage of the events.


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Notice on comments

Kenan G

6/15/2013 12:42:18 PM

Dogus group is a large conglomerate in Turkey and like much of the media owners in Turkey have interests outside of media. Dogus group also has construction and finance interests that are much more profitable than the news. To maintain these other interests they need to maintain a good relationship with the government hence the pro government bias. This is ONE of the major reasons for the self censorship we see in Turkey.

mara mcglothin

6/14/2013 8:26:05 PM

Thanks VARGEN. I think we now have I have it right CEZER.

cezer "çapulcu" skonore

6/14/2013 12:22:23 AM

To all: I'm hving difficulty to understnd. Let me write what I understnd, tell me if I'm right/wrng. At the strt, prt of Dogus NTV (et al) did not brodcast the Gezi protest(?). Then, peopl showed reaction, withdrew money from Garanti (part of Dogus), then the Garanti head came out declared himself a "çapulcu" to stop the losses(?). So, now they kicked this guy out because he did not brodcast the evnts at the beging causing negative reaction(?). This means people won against self-cansuring (?).

vladimir kocur

6/14/2013 12:07:10 AM

Why is no one asking who OWNS Gezi Parki? Why MUST this park be developed? Why has the contract to do the job? Who is going to profit? Where are the documents about the sale? These should be public documents, accessible to all interested parties. It cannot be that a large piece of public land can be 'taken' by ....shadowy business groups and no one knows who they are. THERE IS RULE OF LAW in Turkey.

Ali Kanat

6/13/2013 6:39:46 PM

It's a pity nobody in the government understands what it is to feel shame. Good luck with your career, Cem.


6/13/2013 6:32:15 PM

OK why is the person decent enough to apologize leaving. Whose knife is in his back?

Jim Doe

6/13/2013 6:28:46 PM

I think he was sacked for apologising, not the lack of coverage. Dogus Media has some of the only decent channels despite their recent news failings. Virgin Radio, CNBCE, E2 and NTV news. This smacks of state flexing its muscles over the media once again.

Vargen Vargen

6/13/2013 6:06:22 PM

Mara. Unfortunately this is not an act personal responcibility. He is forced to leave and the reason is not regret of the news coverege. The reason is that many people protested against the whole Dogus group. For example Garanti Bank is part of the Dogus group and many people were so upset that they withdrew all their money and went to another bank. The same goes for other restaurants and cafes in their portfolio. For example Starbucks and Kitchenette sufferred. I will never visit them again.

mara mcglothin

6/13/2013 5:27:31 PM

Finally taking some personal responsibility. Hopefully this will be a lesson learned for him and he will become a better person for it in the future.

Blue Dotterel

6/13/2013 5:22:03 PM

Another casualty of Erdogan's fascist control of the media.
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