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Yasin Hayal has been sentenced to life sentence for his role in murder of Dink. REUTERS photo

Yasin Hayal has been sentenced to life sentence for his role in murder of Dink. REUTERS photo

Yasin Hayal, who is currently serving a life sentence for his role in the assassination of Armenian-Turkish journalist Hrant Dink, could be released in four months due to a legal loophole, according to a lawyer for the Dink family.

The court that issued the sentences in the Dink murder trial failed to properly send the file to the Supreme Court of Appeals, weekly Agos, of which Hrant Dink was editor-in-chief when he was murdered in January, 2006, reported yesterday.

“All of the suspects were acquitted by the court on charges of being a member of an organization, so the maximum time Hayal could serve [if the sentence is not approved by the Appeals Court] is six years,” Fethiye Çetin, a lawyer for the Dink family, was quoted as saying in Agos. “It is almost impossible for the Supreme Court of Appeals to announce its ruling in the next four months.”

A recent amendment to the Turkish Penal Code has limited the maximum time to be spent in prison to five years, except on organized crime or terrorism charges, with the Supreme Court of Appeals having the authority to extend this for one year.

Bahri Belen, another lawyer for the Dink family, said the issue was controversial. “We can’t know for sure if the verdict was sent to the appeals court properly,” he told the Hürriyet Daily News over the phone yesterday. “But as long as a sentence is approved by the Supreme Court of Appeals, any convict could be released on such legal grounds.”

The 14th Court of Serious Crimes sent the verdict to the Supreme Court of Appeals on June 6, but it was sent back to the court because some intervening parties were not officially informed about it. The court wrote a notice to Istanbul police on Aug. 10 demanding addresses and contact information for the intervening parties, showing that it still was not ready to re-send the verdict, Agos reported.
The verdict will first be submitted to the Chief Prosecutor of the Supreme Court of Appeals, Çetin said, and he will inform both parties of his opinion. Then the appeal will be checked. The suspects’ lawyer will probably ask for a hearing date, further delaying a verdict.

The instigator of the Dink murder, Yasin Hayal, was sentenced on Jan. 17 to aggravated life imprisonment, while the triggerman, Ogün Samast, had earlier been sentenced to 22 years in prison by a juvenile court.

In its ruling, the court argued that there was not enough evidence indicating the existence of a conspiracy behind the crime, despite lingering doubts. A prosecutor then appealed the ruling in the trial on March 30, arguing that the crime was an organized hit.


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Raymond Zak

9/16/2012 12:35:44 AM

V Tiger , I agree with you, plus let's not forget his promotion.

V Tiger

9/14/2012 1:17:07 PM

Send him to aliyevistan to complete his sentence there!

V Tiger

9/14/2012 1:09:06 PM

Turkey creates loopholes & lies.What an image!Following in the steps of its little brother aliyevistan!

Red Tail

9/14/2012 8:38:59 AM

The reaction is totally wrong. Just imagine, how would we in Turkey react if someone here made a anti-christianity moive, and then our embassies all over the world were attacked, officials killed etc? An individual has a personal responcibility for how to react to provocations. The way you react says very much about who you are. We all face anoyances in daily life, e.g. in traffic, but some people take it easy, others can even kill people for it.

Sayat Nova

9/14/2012 5:16:22 AM

Azerbaijan pardoned and promoted a convicted murderer. Why should not the so called secular Turkey? Judicial systems (not to mention the political systems) of both countries is a joke.
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