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ISTANBUL – Anadolu Agency

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DHA photo

DHA photo

Turkey’s Karadeniz Holding has launched two locally-manufactured power-generating ships to Ghana and Indonesia in a ceremony attended by Energy Minister Ali Rıza Alaboyun.

Karadeniz Holding, which develops and operates energy-generating ships dubbed “floating power plants,” will be sending the 235-megawatt (MW) Ayşegül Sultan ship to Ghana and 125-MW Zeynep Sultan ship to Indonesia. 

During the ceremony, Alaboyun praised the high value-added products of Karadeniz Holding and said the ships were also important due to the focus of Turkish foreign policy on Africa.

“We will be hosting the G-20 summit this year. We held a meeting with energy ministers and discussed access to energy by sub-Saharan nations,” he said. “1.3 billion people live in that region and 900 million do not have access to energy. Karadeniz Holding enables people to access energy through mobile solutions,” Alaboyun added. 

Karadeniz Holding CEO Orhan Remzi Karadeniz also made a speech, explaining that Karadeniz Holding was currently the world’s only company with a fleet of power-generating ships. The company currently has nine ships which were “imagined, designed, engineered and built” in Turkey. 

The holding also introduced its next power ship, named the Orhan Ali Khan, which will be the world’s largest with a 460-MW capacity and a 300-meter length. 

The ship, which will be completed by the second half of 2016, was welded for the first time during the ceremony. 

The company aims to build 20 additional power ships with a combined capacity of 6000 MWs.


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