Uzuner releases 'The Long White Cloud-Gallipoli' in English

ANKARA - Turkish Daily News | 12/5/2004 12:00:00 AM |

The latest novel of Buket Uzuner, 'The Long White Cloud - Gallipoli' (Uzun Beyaz Bulut-Gelibolu) is now available in English.

The latest novel of esteemed Turkish writer Buket Uzuner is now available in English. "The Long White Cloud - Gallipoli" (Uzun Beyaz Bulut-Gelibolu) has been published by Everest Publishing House.

Translated by Pelin Thornhill Arıner, "The Long White Cloud - Gallipoli” is the story of a young New Zealand woman coming to Gallipoli in the year 2000 to find the lost grave of her great-grandfather, who died in the Battle of Gallipoli, and the stunning eighty-five year-old secret of a Turkish granny strolling in Gallipoli National Park with her cane...

Back in Gallipoli in 1915, Ottoman Lt. Ali Osman Bey and ANZAC (Australian and New Zealander Army Corps) Pvt. Alistair John Taylor together teach mankind a terrifying lesson...

The great test for mankind that no nation is yet ready to include in the history books: Can the same man be a hero in two opposing countries in the same war? Or, is history a text that can be read linearly? In addition, should history be rewritten?

Born in Ankara in 1955, Uzuner is the author of short stories, travelogues and novels. Her books have been on Turkish national bestseller lists since 1992 and have been translated into four languages. She was editor at Remzi Publishing for foreign literature and now serves as literary advisor for foreign literature with Alfa-Everest, which releases 1.5 million books/year in Turkey. Uzuner won the "Yunus Nadi Prize" for her novel "The Sound of Fishsteps" (Balık İzlerinin Sesi) in 1993, and "Mediterranean Waltz" (Kumral Ada-Mavi Tuna) was named Best Novel of 1998 by the University of Istanbul. "Mediterranean Waltz" was recently released in Italy, Greece, Romania and Israel. Her short story collection "A Cup of Turkish Coffee" has been published in England.



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